Who could possibly be Trump's running mate?

Who could possibly be Trump’s running mate? If we work on the balancing the ticket idea, she or he would have to be party supported, from the West Coast or at least more west than he is, thoughtful and somewhat low profile. Who could this person be and why would she or he want to?

You betcha!

Ben Carson. He may be realizing that he’s not top-of-the-ticket material, but he still would love to be able to spread his woo-woo. Attaching his wagon to the Trump would be great for him. And it would help Trump with the evangelical vote.

Please oh Please, Not Fat Boy…

Nailed it in one. She would be perfect.

There’s hundreds of potential candidates. Forget Sarah Palin, though. Trump, were he to wi nthe GOP nomination, would want someone who would be his yes-man or yes-woman. Palin, a “maverick,” isn’t that. Nor would Ben Carson be, I don’t think; the assumption that Trump will nominate the other guy everyone loathes is not based on any sort of empirical examination of Trump’s behaviour.

Trump would get the sort of person he hires to help run his businesses; a skilled person who knows more about the business than Trump does but one who’ll submit to Trump’s authority, especially in public. I would expect him to select a Southern or Western Republican who is a dyed in the wool party insider, probably a Congressman or Senator of relatively long service.

What’s Joe Besser up to these days?

I hope he selects Romney — just to teach the latter life isn’t all beer and skittles; but I think it would be a handsome gesture if he at least offered the position to Hilary. They are, after all, old friends.

Clownpiece for President !

What about Cruz? Cruz had made a point of not attacking Trump in any way shape or form, and he would add some degree legitimacy to a Trump run without threatening Trumps status as a radical. I also doubt that any other long term Congressman or senator with any sense would become Trumps VP as it would destroy any chance of being taken seriously by the party ever again. But for Cruz the party already hates him so he has nothing to lose.

This is what I was thinking too. Then both the left and the right would be happy. I mean, you got the first mainstream Female-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking gal. I mean, that’s a storybook, woman.

No, not Carson. Trump needs a political insider on his ticket, probably a legislator. Maybe Jeff Sessions, who hasn’t exactly endorsed Trump, but has collaborated with him on policy matters.

Martin Bormann.

Dick Cheney? He’s mean enough and he knows how to manipulate a moron.

It hardly matters, hold a public draw or Ivana.

So, McCain.


Who out there wouldn’t make him look like an idiot for choosing that particular person…and yet make him impeachment-proof?

It’d be great if he formed a popular front ticket with Sanders, although I’d prefer Sanders at the top.

Louie Gohmert from Texas. If you’re going for full Bats*** crazy, the only thing to do is double down…

I don’t know you people are picking professional politicians. It’s crazy talk.

There’s really only one possibility. Obviously, Trump’s running mate is going to also be Trump.