Paladins are overpowered.

Top 3 damage in strand of the ancients.

Paladin 1.04 million.
Paladin 700 thousand.
Me (DK) 400 thousand.


More pew pew. Less QQ.

I haven’t played WoW in almost a year. Can’t, as there is no high speed internet service where my new house is. Seems like Pallies got a major boost in PVP shortly before I left. They were already a pain the arse to kill before the boost, but after they were doing insane damage…and I say that as a former arcane mage that used to gleefully two-shot people in battlegrounds.

I haven’t played in a while, but lots of classes have had periods of being overpowered. Mages, warlocks, rogues, warriors, shaman, druids, shadow priests. I don’t recall hunters ever having the honor. What other classes are there? Oh Death Knight. I stopped during BC.

Also, is it possible that that encounter/dungeon just favors paladins, or are they actually overpowered?

Yes, hunters have never been overpowered… in pvp. We were crazy overpowered and got some well deserved nerfs early on, but not so much for pvp. We’re too reliant on kiting, so any kind of stun/trap/hamstring/etc will mess us up.

Maybe you just suck. :smiley:
I have two pallies, one holy, one ret.

You wanna complain about imbalance? Try playing a caster.

SoTA is a battleground you might not be familiar with if you haven’t played for like a year or so. Paladins are more overpowered now than you probably remember, too. Their invulnerable spell now allows them to attack while invulnerable.