World of Warcraft - 51 Paladin kills 55 Shaman

This is a bit old, but it’s one of my proudest achievements.

Oh, come on. Paladins can kill almost anything. The only question is whether the cause of death is DPS or boredom. :slight_smile:

And in the case of my pally, it’s definitely the latter. Leveling holy ftw!

Not to be a dick, but jumping someone only 4 levels above you who doesn’t seem to know how to play, and is playing one of the weakest classes as of that patch, and blowing your cool downs and using a potion isn’t all that impressive. It pretty much happens all the time.

On the plus side, the music is better than like 98% of WoW PvP videos.

Do you record everything you do? I don’t have the faintest idea how to make a vidoe of my play, and have never really felt compelled to find out. It frankly looked kind of staged, especially the silhouette bit at the end.

Ooo, holy paladin vs. resto shammie would have been a long, long video… :wink:

Hmm, yeah, the shaman didn’t even drop a single totem until around 30 sec into the fight, and even then only had the one up. Man, talk about handicapping yourself.

Can someone who plays WoW tell me if that’s how PvP often goes down? I’m talking pace, tactical complexity, the works.

Is this representative?

Based on my time on a PVP server, it typically goes down like this.

I’m level 22. Picking herbs, killing spiders, chatting with NPCs, enjoying life.

Smellybuttmcdickwipe, who is level 70, swoops out of nowhere and kills me and the NPC I was just chatting with. The fight has the complexity of your average Michael Bay movie and lasts about two seconds. Smellybuttmcdickwipe then runs off to attack Crossroads (a town with level 40 guards) with his friends.

Close-level fights aren’t the norm, unless one person has his level 70 friends come out to tell someone else’s level 70 friends to sit the hell down and shut the hell up.

Then again, as a Horde, I often took part in dance-a-thons with same-level Alliance characters, sometimes whole parties of them, with only /lol and /wave emotes being exchanged. So it’s definitely a YMMV thing.

Shamans were, IIRC, considered one of the two “broken” classes at that time. The WoW site had its forums address this all the time. (The other “broken” class, BTW, was paladins :smiley: ) Blowing cooldowns is what you do when you are in combat and you don’t want to die. Lay Hands never saw a more applicable situtation for its use. The mana pot, I’ll concede, was a bit cheap, sure. But on the other hand, I can tell you that in order to be a successful tank in a 5-man to LBRS, Scholo, Strat UD, etc. you need a Brute Force Elixir, a Mongoose 'lixir or AGI pot, plus other uber-shit (at the time) like Elemental Sharpening Stones. Items like these are part of the game and without them a DPSadin tank in LBRS, Scholo, Strat Live or UD etc. would not be possible just like a PVP Ret-Specadin has needs of items (such as mana pots) too in order to be a success against a foe 4 levels higher.

And let me just say that a character 4 levels higher is a big, big difference. My very first JoC was resisted while the dude was still freaking stunned from HoJ! My hits were woefully weak, critting for about 300-350 (two levels earlier I critted for 600-700 usually against other 49s). It was tough, man, and I was trippin’ out when I pulled it off :smiley:
BTW, the song on the vid is “Avalon” by artist Juliet. I really, really like that song. It’s just chill. Glad you like it too.

I had a program back then, when I had my Sony Vaio, called GameCam. You pretty much just hit a pre-set key to start recording; however, playing WoW at the resolution and settings necessary for a quality vid, coupled with actually running recording software is very taxing. GameCam especially, since the recorded video (and audio if you want) is compressed before it’s saved to disk. A program called FRAPS is very popular which just dumps what is recorded into a GINORMOUS uncompressed AVI file that you need to download a freeware or shareware program in order to process, such as VirtualDub.

But anyway, no, it wasn’t staged. Like I mentioned above, the guy and his friends found the vid and posted comments about it that, acknowledge though I will the people who have their friends post comments on their vids acting like they don’t know them, I think you’ll agree were a little too abrasive to be phony.

You should be aware that this took place on the Turalyon realm, PVE. I was flagged for PVP and so was this guy by chance. I can’t say much about World PVP, but I can say that WSG PVP is the shit! In WSG PVP, if you got a bunch of people worth their salt, you’ll have a Flag Carrier for a group of roughly 5 (including FC) to take care of. This guy can be a Druid (they’re popular for Wolf form), a warrior, or anyone else with survivability or skills that are appropriate for an FC. The healers focus on this guy once he has the flag and keep his life up, Paladins cast BoF on when needed + heal + CC with HoJ or Repent, Mages CC with poly and do mad DPS against threats like only a mage can, and everyone else fills their role. About 5 others protect the flag back at the base and destroy anyone attempting to take the flag.

The pace is extremely hectic in WSG, the tactics are precise (know what you are expected to do!), and elaboration on all of it would fill a book, lol!

And to do it with actual words would probably fill three! :wink:

This might explain why you’re just sitting there picking flowers and suddenly you’re getting killed out there like there’s no tomorrow.

Damn Hippies… no one likes 'em.

WoW is pretty much just team composition and gear. A throughout WSG strategy wouldn’t even hit the character limit of a forum post.

You’d run into a fight like this every couple of days on a PvP server. That is, between two “equals” not looking for a fight.

It is not representative though. You’d see a lot more movement in a real fight. The two would constantly be trying to pass through the other in order to enter the other player’s deadzone and avoid damage.

The shaman was not properly equipped for PvP. Generally, you’d use a large two-hander to maximize damage from wind fury (and its critical hits.) The shaman blew earth shock on nothing. That would’ve been saved to stop a heal. You’d see a lot more dispelling. The shaman would have healed more. Paladins are tough(ish) for shamans.

I’m not too sure about paladins, since you rarely see them fight. My best guess is that you’d see the paladin run around healing and trying to stay alive until the shaman is out of mana, at which point the paladin has basically won.

So how do you tell when one of the parties gets served?