Palestinians dancing in the street?

Least credible news footage:
CNN’s videotape of Palestinians supposedly dancing in the streets of a West Bank town. CounterPuncher Marcio A.V. Carvalho at the state university of Campinas in Brazil tells us that he and his colleagues had compared this tape with one from 1991 showing Palestinian cheering, and found them to be

Not again!

it’s got even the same title

I trust snopes, nearly as much as I trust Cecil.

CNN sez the Reuters-shot footage from Ramallah is legitimate, and has a convincing story about the origin of the false accusation.

Don’t believe every glurge that enters your mailbox.

Mario Carvalho himself retracted the story as early as last Friday – elsewhere (no link, sorry) I have read his actual retraction e-mail and apparently upon his insisting in seeing the tape proof the “colleague” became defensive and denied having ever claimed to have the proof, yet still held fast to her belief the footage was fabricated.

I can tell you that with the probable exception of North America and Western Europe, the story that the footage was bogus is being reiterated around the world as truth.

Yes, and I suppose the pix of Pakistanis eating the Stars n stripes that I saw this morning are from the Nixon regime <sigh>