PALIN BUS TOUR: a proven fraud

it seems that the celebrated bus tour of Sarah Palin is not what it is reported to be after all. Not only is her book filled with lies and half-truths, the entire “bus tour” is a fraud as well.

IMHO you could take out the words “bus tour” and the sentence would still be perfect.

Resolved: AGW deniers are morally obligated to fly around in private jets.

I was just reading about this here!

I noted that the ABC News story says that

But in the link in the OP, we see from the planes logs that her use was much, much more than just 3 trips.

Dude, she’s been pretending for so long now about so many things, I think she believes she successfully completed the Fake-It-'Til-You-Make-It correspondence course she and Todd signed up for back in '98.

As are the supporters apparently.

Well it just makes sense that people who support global warming would fly around in big, expensive, conspicuous jets doesn’t it?

She has both. There is a bus full of people driving stop to stop ,then she gets off a private jet and gets on the last few feet. Apparently cost and saving fuel are not considerations.
Like Rosy Ruiz and the Boston Marathon.

Does the jet also happen to be the one in which the RNC is storing those bags of clothes that went missing after Palin’s campaign last fall?

And just like Rosy, this situation apparently has no thought into the possible long term consequences of her actions.

Why doesn’t she just go whole hog and hire Tina Fey to impersonate her at book signings? Sarah could stay home, Tina could make a few extra bucks and the customers would actually be entertained.

Especially if they’re from Alaska. In the words of Drew Carey, “F— the grandkids, I’m cold now!”

Look, you Sarahcuda-hating libruls, any old asshole can go on a “bus tour” and ride on “the bus” like a bunch of “librul sheep”.

It takes a real maverick to take a “bus tour” with 99% of the mileage covered on a “plane”.

She says she’s a maverick, she’s being a maverick. Why don’t you guys to bow down before the Obamessiah?


To be clear, the issue isn’t that she’s flying across the country. When I cross the country, I fly, too (albeit I can’t afford a private jet). The issue is that, while she’s flying, she’s saying that she’s taking the bus.

OK, this made me LOL.

What if she were pulling a train? :smiley:

Maybe Fred Thompson can follow in his extra-folksy pick-up truck.

Ooh! Pulling it by nipple rings? Please? I’d pay to see that.

So is she seriously going to run for prez? I think (as many have speculated) that she wrote the book and went on the book tour to gauge support. Looks like Huckabee is getting Willie Horton’d. It’s going to be really interesting to see who is going to battle for the nomination!

That’s kind of the thing. One of the reasons McCain got plastered so badly was because nobody really wanted him - he was the default candidate.

I expect that the Democrats are going to take a beating in 2010 (wow, quite a ballsy prediction I know), and in 2012 the GOP candidate is going to end up a default - probably a token like Palin or Jindal.


Interesting, I think I have a friend-of-a-friend who’s a pilot for that company, I’ll try and see if he’s the one flying her around.