Palm Games?

No, not that kind of palm, you perverts :slight_smile:

I mean the kind one plays on a specific brand of PDA.

What games do you play on your handheld? Any recommendations?

I’ve got the Astraware Sudoku (addictive). A Popcap card that has Alchemy (OK), Seven Seas (like Daleks; OK); Atomica (I don’t like, others might); Mummy Maze (which is OK but I’ve played all the levels and am bored), and Bejeweled which is an old standby.

Also Minesweeper. I had a version of Maj Jongg which was buggy as all get out and not that engrossing.

I don’t have a palm pilot anymore, but when I did I was addicted to Space Trader.

Tetris, until I pwned it so completely it wasn’t fun to play anymore.

Text Twist, mostly.

I downloaded a Palm emulator just so I could play Ackwire, the best computer version I’ve found of the classic board game Acquire.

I’m thinking about splashing out on Arcade Reality - it only works with camera-enabled Palms, but it’s just incredible.

Bike or Die (same author) is also a favourite of mine.

TX user here, so these will all work on Palm OS 5:

Crosswords (Scrabble clone)
FreeJongg (Mahjongg solitaire)
Puzzles (Various types of puzzle game ported to Palm OS
Vexed Sokoban-type game. Many level packs available.

These are all in colour and free too.

I have this version of Crosswords. It downloads new puzzles when I do my daily HotSync, so I’m never short of new challenges.

Thank you! I recently went from a T3 to the TX (which I love), and am still in the process of making sure that all of my “extra” apps are on the TX. When it comes to games so far I just have Bejeweled, and hadn’t looked for FreeJongg yet. But now I don’t have to. :slight_smile: I’ll also thank you for the Crosswords link: I didn’t have that app on my T3, but it looks great.

Arcade Reality is my favorite game right now. It’s not a particularly great game, design-wise… but as a technology demo, it’s just damned cool. It’s a lot of fun to show off.

They just released a new version of the game, and the new feature is that you can make your own images to shoot.

Dope Wars got me through more than a few meetings.