Looking for suggestions for good Palm OS games...

Since there are a number of threads asking for musical and game-playing advice, I’d like to ask the Dopehood for recommendations for good games on the Palm OS. Right now I am playing Bejeweled 2 and Bookworm quite a bit - games like that are my fancy. I’m not a fan of stuff like DopeWars.

What do you play on your Palm?

I’ve been getting a lot of traction from FreeJongg, a free version of the tile-matching game.

Most of PopCap’s games are rather addictive, too. Candy Train was a habit that was damn hard for me to break…

I’m still playing Bubblet, and I got “Aces texas Hold’Em” as well.

But Bubblet is by far my favorite…


Bejeweled 2 is one of my favorites also. I also like my simple Sudoku program and my poker tutor and blackjack tutor programs.

Initially I thought no one had a Palm! Thanks for the recs… keep 'em coming! BTW, exact names of programs helps…

Merry Christmas. http://www.freewarepalm.com/

They stopped publishing the original very simple version of my sudoku program, but the latest version is at http://www.freewarepalm.com/games/sudoku.shtml

I couldn’t find the other two I mentioned, I must have gotten them elsewhere.

I get a large amount of my simple apps at freewarepalm.com.

My own favorite is Keith Packard’s Patience, but only because it contains my all time favorite solitaire card game–Yukon.

Niggle is also good, if you like Scrabble. The story behind Niggle is that the developer and his wife loved Scrabble. Since they travelled a lot, he wrote a version of Scrabble that could be played on his Palm when they were on a train or plane. He couldn’t license or charge for the first few versions because of copyright/trademark laws, so he distributed it for free until Milton-Bradley purchased the code. The most recent versions are pay versions.

Marbles is also cool, if you want something that requires only a little thinking, and is mostly good for passing the time. Vexed is also a very good puzzle game.