Palm OS problem

I just got my second Handspring Visor Deluxe. The last one worked well, I gave it to my daughter. Found a need for one again, found one on eBay. Fine and dandy.

I spent some time working on data and address book updates on the laptop. I fired up the new Visor just before. It synchronized the address book from the laptop, including new folder names and seeming all the new entries.

It did not transfer a single date in my address book. I tried a second time, with similar results. Any idea why it wouldn’t be transferring?

I am using Palm OS 3.1

Address v. 3.0

Datebook v. 3.0H ( H?? )

It’s frustrating, I took a lot of time to load up the schedule for the next 90 days and nothing transferred over. I’m debating REMOVING the “Datebook” software from the Visor and then doing another synch. Perhaps the desktop files will install anew?


Well, first the obvious:

Have you right clicked on the HotSync icon in the taskbar (usually located on the lower right) and checked the custom choice in the menu that pops up? Check if the conduit “Address book” has the action set as “Synchronize the files” if that is so, change it to “desktop overwrites handheld”, be careful to change it back for normal use.

YOU are the mac daddy !!! ( pardon the pun ). I am at work, just read your idea, opened it up, and yes it was set to Synchronize. I changed it to Mac overwrite to Visor, and will assume/pray it will overwrite the blank calendar with the data I’ve input into the laptop.

Thank you so much, I will try later today and post back. :slight_smile:


I changd it to read " Macintosh overwrites handheld", and chose it as the Default.

It did nothing. Did not erase my datebook files from the mac, but did not transfer them into the handheld Visor. I’m kind of crushed, it makes zero sense to me. Having made this choice, it shoulda worked…right?