Palm Stylus: Available in Colors?

I have just lost my sixth Palm stylus, which means yet another three-pack. It’s annoying, because they’re always black. So are my desk at work, my chair at home, and the various badly lit pits into which small stylus-type things invariably fall.

Has anyone ever seen them in non-black? And I mean a stylus that will fit in the little slot on the side, not a combination pen-stylus. (I’m hopeless at keeping pens.)

Thank you.

I believe I’ve seen some that are translucent at my local Office Max. I don’t think they’re made by Palm, though, I think they’re 3rd party, perhaps Fellowes.

ok, stupid question. Why doesn’t palm make the stylus’ have some sort of locking mechanism? put the pen in, turn it, and it’s much less likely to fall out or something.

Although… I guess that would cut into profits huh?

I found a five-pack of styluses (styli?) for my Handspring Visor that had colored tips (blue, white, green, black, and yellow). They were on a clearance rack, and I don’t know that they would even fit your Palm. Just thought I’d mention this.


My Visor’s stylus stays in there prettty snug just from friction. I’ve never had it fall out. Perhaps palms are different.

My Palm sylus locks in fine. Note the original doesn’t say they slipped out (which has never happened to me or anyone I know of), but that they were lost (which has happened to me and many palm owners I know of).

Indeed, I’ve never had one fall out - what happens is that I use my palm at my desk (a/k/a The Black Pit of Calcutta, or the Compost Heap for Dead Articles), and then I -
put the stylus down.
Which of course means it’s Gone, for the reasons I mentioned in my OP.

Translucent might be a bit of a help, so I’ll try Office Max. What I really want is one in Neon! Green! Or with a built in microchip that would announce “Help me, I’m over here!” when separated from the palm by more than six inches.

ah. I never owned a palm, but I handled my friend’s for a day and it just kept falling out everywhere. I almost returned it to him without it.

why do you just paint your own? the extra layer of paint would probably make them less inclined to fall out.

I’ve nearly lost my stylus twice due to it falling out in my pocket.