Pancreatitis, Diabetes, and Weight Loss

So this is a rambly, braggy post, but I promised that I would allow myself moment of rambly bragginess once I’d earned it.

Last June I ended up in the hospital with a case of acute pancreatitis. The layman’s term for pancreatitis is “OH SHIT WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH?” It basically feels like the kind of stomachache you’d get after ingesting razor blades. I was laid up for something like four days. Once they started giving me regular injections of Dilaudid things weren’t nearly so bad, and eventually my stomach started working again.

Anyway, they did a bunch of bloodwork while I was there. They never did find out exactly WHAT triggered the pancreatitis. Idiopathic, they call it. and What they DID find out is that I’m diabetic. This wasn’t too surprising since a) it runs in the family and b) I’m a big fat guy. My A1C was 10.6, which meant nothing to me at the time but I have since learned is well into “pretty fucking awful” territory. Before they discharged me, they ran me through all the preliminary diabetes education, set me up with an endocrinologist, and so on.

I had an uncle who was diabetic, and he basically killed himself with food. I’ve known for a long time that I need to lose weight (all fat people know that), but when I go it’s not going to be from this. So I’ve been doing the whole diabetes diet thing - watching my carb intake, generally eating better, getting exercise, etc. This week I broke through the 50 pound barrier. I’m down to 260 from a starting weight of 311 when I checked into the hospital. I also had an A1C test just before Thanksgiving and it came back at 6.4, which means that I’m doing a good job of beginning to help my body work properly.

I’ve still got a long way to go. I want to lose at least another 50 pounds. But it’s a little easier now that I’ve seen real progress. It was only recently that I was able to start accepting compliments about my weight loss at face value, rather than being internally self deprecating about it. Every time I step on the scale, part of my brain refuses to accept that I’m making actual progress. The fact that I’ve lost as much as I have is surreal and difficult to really come to terms with. At the end of the day, I’m still a fat guy. Just a little less of one.

A new supermarket opened up near me, and their bakery makes a caramel-topped doughnut that has a strip of candied bacon laid across the top. They also have craft beer on tap and the cafe will give you a cupholder for your cart so that you can drink while you shop. The devil has come to Gainesville and he is tempting me sorely, but I’ll be strong.

Maybe in another five pounds I’ll go and have one of those donuts, though.

Congrats on your progress so far, and best of luck making your goal!

I’ve got a BIL who should be doing what you’re doing, but he’s lazy, he’s always been lazy, he’ll always be lazy. He’s not yet 60, he’s got a pacemaker, he can barely walk with a walker, and he’s losing his sight. He refuses to follow the diabetic diet or to take any of his medications, preferring to have his wife and his parents cater to his every need. I remember him 20 years ago bitching about how he’d love to do Weight Watchers but fresh fruits and veggies are *sooooooooooooooo *expensive!! Then he’d sit down to a giant plate of spaghetti and a loaf of bread. And now he’s dying. I quit caring about him years ago because he doesn’t care about himself, except in what he can get from others. Good for you for avoiding that path.

As for that doughnut, it sounds terrifying! In fact, that market sounds like one you need to avoid. yoiks! :eek:

Congrats to you! Uh…and Bravo! :slight_smile:

Congrats! I was over 8% on the A1C, I’ve lost about 80 lb (from 280) and the A1C is now 5.6%, which my physician DIL thinks is too low for my age! Incidentally, I report it as a % since it is a measure of the proportion of your hemoglobin that is in a complex with glucose. An A1C of 6.4% is excellent. Keep up the good work.

My spouse became diabetic after a bout of pancreatitis some years ago. He lost weight and his reward was getting his required dosages of medicine cut in half. Oh, and my admiration. :slight_smile:

So - congratulations on the weight loss, keep up the good work. If you sample that Evil Donut once in a great while I won’t say zip, but remember you need to be a good boy 99% of the time.

Good job!

Congrats! That’s wonderful.

I can vouch that after you’ve been eating healthy for a long while and you cheat with something high carb and sugar laden like donuts… You physically suffer. Not only does it sometimes give you unsettling heart palpitations, but your tummy rumbles, it’s uncomfortable being so aware of your food digesting through your insides, and you’ll explode with the worst gas you’ve had in your life. I don’t exactly know why this happens, but it’s not fun. Also, your tastes buds have adjusted to lower carbs, sugar, and sodium. What you think will be as yummy as it was before just tastes different now. It’s just not worth it. Keep up the good work! I’m down 40!

If it helps, I’m not sure what my Hb1ac was on diagnosis of type 1, because I didn’t even know what that was, but I do remember them telling me that my blood sugar was 42.8 mmol/l and it was one of the highest they’d ever seen. Apparently that’s 771 in the US units.

Yeah, I was told that with a similar score a couple of years ago. Apparently one can be too good at control :wink:

Woo-hoo! Go, you! You’re well on your way to keeping your feet attached to you for as long as you need them. Keep it up!

Yoinks! That’s coma-level blood sugar. Glad you didn’t leave us permanently.