"Panic" series on Amazon Prime

More of a YA drama starring a bunch of hardly known twenty something actors playing late teens. Most well known is Ray Nicholson, Jack’s son. Storyline is promising. Based upon Lauren Oliver’s novel of the same name, about a small town in Texas where everyone just wants to get out. Every summer a game called “Panic” is played in which only just graduated seniors can play, making it through rounds of challenges that are intended to scare the participants from continuing. Last player standing gets a cash prize (tens of thousands of $$$) to allow them to finally get out of town.

First episode was decent (no Emmy’s coming here), will probably keep watching.

Looks interesting. I’m holding off to see if Mrs. wants to watch with me. Prime has some good stuff!

Took me a few episodes to recognize Jo from Facts of Life as the outsider kid’s mom

Wow! Never made that connection. Looking at her IMDB listing, she’s stayed fairly active in acting…just not in anything I’ve seen…or knew it was her.