Second Chance - Anyone else like this?

It’s a TV series and it’s broadcast 15 episodes so far in the first season.[baseRef]_tv_l_30

It starts out with a very interesting concept. I’m not sure how good it will be after a few episodes. But IMDB rates it at 7.8 which is usually pretty good.

Has anyone watched any more than the first episode?

Do you like it?

So far as I can tell, the series has broadcast 7 episodes so far, not 15. I’ve seen 4 of them. It’s okay so far, so I’m sure I’ll watch the rest of the first season anyway.

We’re watching it. Will probably keep watching it, but more for the DH than me.

I like the premise and the actors.

I don’t like the character development for the lead so far. The show is called Second Chance, which implies a “do-over”; that the character might have the chance to learn, change, grow, even redeem himself. So far, he’s repeating all the same mistakes he made before. He’s also way too “Jack Bauer” for me, personally. If that doesn’t evolve as the character evolves, I think it will completely lose my interest.

I watched the latest episode this morning on Hulu (aired last night). I’m not huge into the whole procedural type shows, but I do watch the odd ones (Bones and Blindspot being the two biggest "mainstreams ones, but gave up on Bones a few seasons back).

The last two episodes have started introducing more of an overarching plot, which is where a show is made, IMO. It’s one of the few shows I look forward to watching.

Interestingly the first title I saw for this show made more sense. When I first saw the trailer for this it was called Frankenstein Code. That made more sense.

It seems they changed it again before landing on Second Chance