Anyone seen "The After" by Chris Carter?

It’s a new series from Amazon Originals. I’ve gotta say, I thought it was pretty pathetic. Post-apocalyptic stories tend to annoy me from the get-go since they typically rely on the characters being idiots to create drama; this one took it to another level. Shame, the set-up was sort of intriguing.

I’ve got to agree. I had some hopes, and there were little tidbits of interesting ideas in there, but overall it didn’t work. Uneven acting and direction and some very odd plot choices ruined any chances this one had, IMHO.

What a hot mess! And I loved the cast!

The cast was a surprise. I mean, I wasn’t “hey, is that Tom Cruise?”-ing thru the show, but it had people I recognized, unlike most direct-to-web series I’ve seen. Unfortunately, the characters they played that were straight from Central Casting’s Post-Apocalypse Department.

“What’s that? You’re making a show with an apocalypse? So you’ll need the standard cast right? Someone that’s military or police, someone with a medical condition, an arrogant guy, hot chick, noble soul focused on finding his or her family. What about group tension - you wanna a racist or rapist? And for your peacemaker - you want old or chubby? Chubby’s risky, ya know - people always wonder why they don’t lose weight with no food and all that running around. True, but net-geeks make up a lot of the audience for these kinda shows. No problem, it’s your call. You want someone to play the one person with an ounce of sense? We’ve got a surplus, I could make you a great deal. True, we don’t recommend adding one unless you’ve got good writers. Let me ask you this - you got a script already? Okay, do any of the characters mention the book of Revelation in the pilot? Anyone withhold information for no good reason? Yeah, I’d advise against it for you. We’ll send over the rest. Good luck with your show!”