Anyone else watch "The After" on Amazon? (open spoilers)

It’s one of their new Pilots. This is by Chris Carter of X Files fame.

It’s kind of a mish mash of Lost, the Twilight Zone, Walking Dead and a bunch of other shows.
I kind of liked it. At least enough to watch a second episode if there was one. But what I didn’t like was…

The fraking alien at the end. I don’t know. In and of itself it wasn’t too bad but the idea that two of the characters are some how related (via tattoos) was kind of goofy. I would have preferred some kind of natural phenomenon I think. Did anyone else see it?

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It was my impression the creature was a demon, not an alien.

I mostly liked it up to that ending. Given that, I’m not sure I’ll watch it if it gets picked up, though I might give it a shot.

Once that showed up I knew the show would not be good in the long run.
Too many mysteries from the get go.

Also, I have a hard time with the French accent–it grates on me, so that main character would have been awful.

I liked it. I hope it gets picked up for a least one season.

I know it seems like a weird thing to focus on, but I really appreciated the standoff scene between prison guy and officer lady. The scene itself was a cliche trope, but at least this time the officer doesn’t give up her gun. Because cops would never give up their gun in real life.