Parallel plot summaries

In this game we will summarise two or more different movies in such a way as to derive a single plot; for example:

Boy meets girl
Boy falls in love with girl
Boy acts dumb
Boy loses girl
Boy has change of heart
Boy and girl kiss
Boy and girl leave together in flying car

Could be: Grease, Chitty Chitty bang Bang, or * A Life Less Ordinary*.

Your turn

Man, that fell flat…


I have one:

Crappy Movie at Beginning
Crappy Movie at Mid-point
Crappy Movie at Conclusion

Could be: Matrix Reloaded, Alien 3, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, The Hulk, Speed 2

boy receives message from girl
boy tries to find girl
boy is taken in by older wiser father figure
boy joins fight against villain
boy is earmarked as special with extraordinary powers
boy kisses girl
shocking revelations lead to boy and villain being connected
boy injured by villain
boy rescued with uncertain future…

could be: A New Hope/Empire Strikes Back or Matrix/Matrix Reloaded (haven’t seen Revolutions yet so I can’t comment on how close it comes to Return of The Jedi) or at a stretch any film with King Arthur.