Let's talk about the Matrix Movies.

I recently rented Reloaded and liked it. Before when I saw it in the theater, I absolutely hated it. I am totally into giving second chances and decided to be a little more open to it, and found that it actually had some really cool stuff in it and I was too shallow before. Sure, there was some stupid stuff, (Big Dance scene, horny computer program girl, extended extended agent smith fight scene) All in all, it was a definite rental!

Then, I watched the first Matrix, (On VHS, Yeah!:D) and had a few questions come to mind: like, who brought Morpheus out? and why did that mirror turn too ooze and start crawling over Neo? or who was Neo talking to on the phone at the very ending of the film?

ALSO, I realised in a shoestore that “Neo” re-arranged is “oNe” Which basically proves he is the one. My brother told me that “Morpheus” is (greek?) for two, and well…“TRInity” basically speaks for it self. He said that many things in the Matrix world are allusions to old mythology stories. Does anyone have more information or a cite about these things? I would absolutely love to learn more.

Think of somebody famous, who died and came back to life, and was chosen to save humanity.

Now think about the first movie.

Required reading:
Matrix plot discussion - Reloaded (very spoiled)

Yeah, the Jesus allusions are everywhere…

Morpheus means 2? I can’t find that anywhere… I have found “the frightening apparition”, though.

Watch the first one and listen for how many times Trinity answers to “God” or “Jesus”

Neo: Jesus!
Trinity: (looking to him) What?
Neo: I used to eat there.

Neo: God!
Trinity: What?


Then there is the holy trinity…

Watch the Animatrix. It explains a lot of backstory (the rise of the machines, especially) and explains the story of the kid in Reloaded that ‘saved himself’.

Also, play Enter the Matrix (video game). I haven’t , but I’ve been told that it does add to the plot a bit.

Crap, I meant the monster one:
Matrix Reloaded plot discussion (Spoilers Galore, NO spoiler boxes!!)

Oh, and the guy who gets the disc at the beginning (with the white rabbit girlfriend) tells him “you’re my own personal savior”. DING DING! FLASHING RED LIGHTS!

I love this movie.

A pretty good sequel, but the dumb rave scene in Zion was pointless, the sex scene with Neo and Trinity was too long (yeah, we get it, they have holes all over their bodies) and Neo vs 1,000 agent Smiths got tiresome after about five minutes.

Plus, why the hell is everyone in Zion barefoot?

The first screening of Revolutions was in LA was last Monday, and since then the plot and dialogue has been widely available. I’m not going to spoil it here, you can take a look at any of the Matrix fan sites to see it. I’ll just say that I think the end of the series is a letdown and possibly made so that WB could turn the story into a cash-cow with the coming The Matrix Online. I’m sure the fight scenes will be great, but those looking for satisfying resolution, or resolution at all, will be disappointed.


On Morpheus, I belive that that was the roman/greek god of dreams. EX: Morpheus from the sandman graphic novel series.

Film Geek Actually, I don’t understand that line! Please tell me!

Unomondo What is the Matrix Online?

He’s saying that Neo is a Christ figure, Teelo. :slight_smile:

OH, Savior! I get it…
To be honest i’ve never read the bible!

To add, I was also told that there was another mythology story of someone named Sypher who betrayed the good guys, just like Matrix 1. Any link to this?

AND, I forgot to mention that Agent Smith’s “Real World” body was named Bane. Wasn’t this like another name for the Devil?

I don’t know. The first Matrix movie didn’t exactly have a satisfying resolution, but if they had ended it there, I wouldn’t have considered it a disappointment for that reason.

Morpheus - Push Rome
Agent Smith- I’m the Angst
Neo - One

It’s a coming MMORPG, that is, an online game like Phantasy Star or Final Fantasy XI, etc. It takes place after the third movie.


If it’s revealed that his first name is Lou, you may have something there.

Actually I think he says “my own personal Jesus Christ,” which, of course, is even more blantant.

I highly recommend this essay about The Matrix and its apparent references to Buddhism and Gnostic Christianity.

The movies and that matrix thread got me interested in Gnostic Christianity. I can’t believe I’ve been a Phillip Dick fan for this long and never read more about it. It certainly has some interesting ideas and concepts.

The Matrix Revolutions spoilers are already out? Must… Resist… Temptation…

Teelo, here’s some information about The Matrix Online. I’m sure you’ll be able to extrapolate the plot once you find out more about the third movie. I… Must… Resist…

BTW Hi Euty! Glad to see you’re back.