Should I watch the Matrix Reloaded?

I hadn’t seen the Matrix since it came out, but I rewatched it tonight and realized it was (in some ways) even better than I recalled. Part of that is the Keanu Reeves halo effect…by and large he’s been an awful actor since then, but he truly was a perfect fit as Neo. Plus Elrond as Agent Smith was so fun to watch!

So, to the question…should I watch the sequel? For some reason I never got around to it, but I fear it will be really, really awful.

Just rewatch the Matrix again.

Sometimes fears come true. Just saying.

Though if you must, just to calibrate your expectations keep in mind that the third installment is near-universally considered worse than the second which is near-universally considered worse than the first.

This is probably the best advice. You won’t take it, Maserschmidt. I haven’t met anyone who did, nor anyone that didn’t regret it. To paraphrase Joey Pants in The Matrix, “Why oh why didn’t I take AClockworkMelon’s advice?”

You gotta take that red pill don’cha? After all, the Matrix is a great movie, how badly could they fuck up the sequels? Hope you liked Agent Smith, since you’ll get to see A LOT of him.

They’re pretty bad. I just try to ignore them now and enjoy The Matrix for what it is.

I’ve often said the matrix is cool action flick with some neat story thrown in and the sequel was a cool story flick with some action thrown in…

the third is just… just…

Skip all the philosophy crap and all the scenes with the Oracle and the scene with the Architect. In fact, just watch the action scenes because they’re kind of cool, and if you have to pick just one, make it Freeway Chase.
The third film I wouldn’t bother with at all.

On further reflection, watch this and then watch this and then watch Freeway Chase… and that’s about as much enjoyment as you’re likely to get out of Matrix Reloaded.

I’m in the minority here, but I liked Matrix Reloaded, and I also liked the scene with the Architect.

So, the first Matrix is the best of the three, Matrix Reloaded is good, and Matrix Revolutions is terrible and should be avoided.

My recommendation: watch it.

Meh. Reloaded’s negatives were mostly that it favored flash over plot. Revolutions was just convoluted metaphysical bullshit.

Plus I was close by when they were filming the freeway stuff.

The Matrix Reloaded is a very good action film–and 73% on Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good score.
I think people conflate the later two films.
The Matrix Revolutions is truly bad.

Two things about the Matrix sequels bugged me more than anything.

First, the way Trinity dies. Neo has been blinded. They are on a ship heading to the big computer. Trinity is driving. Neo, being so special, decides it’s his turn to drive. As you might expect when you let the blind guy drive, they crash. Trinity dies. No heroic sacrifice, no blaze of glory… just killed by her boyfriend’s insistence on driving and a lack of airbags or seatbelts.

Second, Neo has this constipated look on his face through the final 2/3rds of the trilogy, especially when he’s around Trinity. I figured it had to be because he was wondering if she had any of those pleather outfits in Zion but he couldn’t figure out a way of asking her to put one on for him. Knowing that he’d only see her dressed like that in the Matrix he was trying to destroy was twisting his mind in knots. Just ask her Neo. After all, you are the One.

Huh, I thought were avoiding spoilers since the OP was asking if they should watch the second film.

If we had more than a 5 minute edit window I’d fix that but since I can’t I offer the OP my humblest apologies. I though the thread was “are they worth watching again?”

You know what bugged me about the Matrix sequels besides them sucking?

In Reloaded we see two things that should be physically impossible.

1.Neo is able to kill machines in “the real world” using his messiah powers.

2.Software from the Matrix crosses over into a human body in “the real world”.

Now in the original The Matrix film they were very, very careful to never have a scene of action film physics in “the real world” they left all that weightless kung fu nonsense for inside the Matrix which was neat, just like the original Total Recall it became a self conscious action flick.:slight_smile:

Now in Reloaded characters even comment that those two events are impossible! But in Revolutions nothing comes of it, there is no point to what we saw. The suggestion to me was clearly that the rabbit hole went even deeper than one layer.

I don’t consider these spoilers because they have no plot significance.

I liked Matrix Reloaded quite a bit, although not as much as the original. On the other hand, word-of-mouth for the third movie has been so bad I’ve avoided watching it, lest it spoil the first two movies for me.

The 2nd and 3rd Matrix films were completely forgettable to me except for some pretty cool action sequences and Agent Smith (I just love Hugo Weaving). I’d say they are worth the time if you care only about that kind of stuff. The story or plot or characters are all meaningless blurs to me at this point as I’ve only seen the 2nd/3rd movies once when they came out and they were highly forgettable and largely incomprehensible.

Vis-à-vis your inquiry, my opinion is that The Matrix Reloaded is a mediocre movie, ergo you should not watch it.

I used to ask the question: “If you merged together the second and third Matrix movies into one, cut out the crap, would that make a good movie?”.

I don’t think anyone has ever answered: “Yes.”

Mods can add spoiler boxes on request. :). That said, I’d rather have a mediocre movie spoiled than a good one, and that seems to be the case here. Blue pill it is!

Thanks all.

I liked the trilogy. I say watch it. This board is a tad harsh to stuff like this. It’s a very well done movie. As entertainment and as a follow up it is worth a watch.