Yes, yet another Matrix thread: but I wanted to ask people what they thought of the movie without getting any spoilers. I can’t see the movie until next week, since I live in Germany. Luckily, I’m almost certainly going to be able to see it in English. The local theater usually carries big blockbusters with 3 or 4 screens in German and 1 screen in English.

Anyway, so how is it? Does the plot have as many twists and intricacies as the first one, or does it devolve into purely an action tale (which still could be cool)?

I know the general plot: Computers find Zion, must fight to save it…Neo fights 100 Smiths…

Beyond that…please NO SPOILERS!!! And above all, please don’t tell me anything about the end of the movie.

It’s groovy. A bit heavy on the pop-philosophy dialogue, but a sustainable plot, good action, and a royal bitch of a cliffhanger.

The plot is around as good. It’s got some cool new characters and some enjoyable twists. Probably the biggest problem with the plot is on the part that has the most plot explanation, you’re not given quite enough time to think, and just have to try to remember what is being said to analyze it later.

The action is incredible. It goes far beyond the level of action we saw in the first one.

My biggest problem with it is this one scene… it’s uh… set to music and goes on way too long. I think you’ll know it when you see it… Just seemed out of place.
Other than that, it’s pretty much what you’d hope for.

I would say that yes, the plot has at least as many twists intricacies as the first one. It’s harder to look at it as just an action movie, because the philosophy seems a bit more serious. You could probably get away with it if you tried, though. It wasn’t really what I was expecting (except for the action) but that’s a good thing.