"The Matrix Reloaded" question

Just saw it again tonight - it was better than I remembered.

Just as Neo, Morpheus and Trinity enter the Merovingian’s restaurant, a guard is leading a man away from the Merovingian’s table. He glances back at Neo, who looks at him. Who was that guy?

His name is Ramachandra. He plays a part in the third movie.

Great. Now I will have to re-watch it.

I actually did a paper on The Matrix in my Senior year of College Summer 2007. [Profesisonal Sales, I compared the movie to a Sales Call, stating that all 7 steps of a sales call are present in Morpheous’ actions with Neo. Roughly from the Fed Ex cell phone call, to the jump program. The professor was so impressed with my paper, she made a point to call me out by name as having one of the best papers for that assignment. Another student shared in the recognition, for his seperate but equally well written paper on a totally different topic.]

I thought if I ever watched the movie again, it would be too soon. I finally got around to watching it again around October 2009.

I had just seen Scanners, and I had to watch the phone booth scene again. I made a comment that the actor Lack was apporiately named, and that Reeves acting actually improves, comparing him to Lack.

There was so much that I got for the first time even then.

All of that to say, I need to catch up my watching with the other 2 in the trilogy.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a fourth Matrix. After all, isn’t there supposed to be a resurrection? Wouldn’t Neo still exist in the Matrix even if his human form died?

Oh yeah, I didn’t notice that guy until I saw Reloaded again too. I liked his scenes in Revolutions.

Truth be told, the ending was so incoherent that literally any followup could fit.

Matrix Online, the ill-fated MMO, is official continuation to the storyline. I think they pulled the plug on the game a while ago, though.

Ah, I see. Thanks!

Anyone know what the name of the Merovingian’s restaurant, “Le Vrai,” means?

Just this summer, apparently: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix_Online

The Truth

I never understood the hatred for the Matrix sequels - I loved both of them even though there were holes in them. I thought it was pretty jaw dropping when it was revealed in Reloaded that everything they’d been working up to until now had in fact just been part of a bigger level plan to keep humans under control, and that Neo was no saviour but just another part of the programming.

Of course this was delivered in an exchange of dialogue that involved words longer than two syllables so not doubt most of the Hollywood audiences didn’t get what they were talking about (let’s face it they were probably just waiting for the next car chase to happen).

To be nit-picky, “Le Vrai” literally means “The Real One” or “The True One”. “The truth” would be “la vérité”.

I liked Reloaded, the games the AI’s played reminded me of Neuromancer and Morpheus takes out an Escalade with a sword, something I’ve always wanted to do. I thought things were nicely set up for the third movie, but Revolutions was a letdown.

Thanks, all, and I agree, The Tooth.

No no, I think this is exactly what happened. I mean the movie got to intelligent for most people. Then again, I would bet that the teeming millions here are more intelligent than most people. Not intelligent enough to get the sequels, intelligent enough to know they don’t want another headache by watching again. …

And again, I am betting that the entire Neo is not a savior was one of the Architects comments. I sooooo need to see the sequels again.

– Related, did you guys pick up on the Oracle, from the first movie “This is where I am SUPPOSED to say…” Is it correct to assume she never actually said any of what Neo took as truth, up until the climax / Trinity not being afraid?

I believe the wachowskis went on record as such, stating that they more or less studied / read a LOT of graphic novels, but the framing of The Matrix, the blocking of the shots is … epic. Just look at the “Only Human” / “Dodge This” scene… you could not improve that scene, no one could.

The Escalade with sword is cool, 10 times better that Morpheous had the gun in the other hand, 100 times better that he was turning around as he was doing it.

Wow, that is amazingly wrong. Part of being intelligent is knowing when someone’s trying to sell you a line of bullshit, and as lines go, the Matrix sequels are longer and wider than most.

Really? Even though she has the gun at his temple and somehow manages to put a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead? I think that could have been improved JUST a bit.

Also, intelligent people know the difference between “to” and “too”

And 1000 times better because he does it all dressed to kill.

The sequels were so convoluted and confusing, I had to watch them several times just to get a basic understanding of what was going on. That should not happen (I’m lookin’ at you Donnie Darko). But I guess that’s what happens when you greedily try to turn a successful movie into a successful trilogy…

Reloaded really is a bunch of vapidly pretty action sequences stitched together with mumbo jumbo that sounds deep because it’s incredibly vague or nonsensical. The twist at the end, however, was actually pretty interesting, and despite the shortcomings of the rest of the movie, I was interested in seeing where they were going with it.

Instead, with Revolutions they just had a bunch of over-the-top battle scenes with mechs shooting robot spiders, and a rather predictable ending. Reloaded had some cool ideas but Revolutions didn’t really go anywhere with them. In the end, I prefer the original just as a stand-alone movie.

Yes. I enjoyed the second movie well enough, and loved the whole idea that there’s a revolution/rebirth cycle and not a real salvation involving Neo in a “The One” type role. Then in the third movie, they seemed to just completely drop this idea. It was aggravating.