Paranoid Thought for the Day

During the drive in to the office this morning, as I was noticing that the dentist needs to grind down the high spots on a tooth I just had filled (1 of 4 this month), I thought, “The reason he wants to fill all these teeth is so he can kill me in a hideous way, burn the body, and they won’t be able to identify me from dental records.”

So am I really more paranoid than everyone else, or do you guys have odd little thoughts like this, too?

We’ve got the same dentist? Freaky!

Hey all I want to know why there are two people with bibles wandering around the non secure part of the virology deparment.

Every time my computer hangs up for a moment, I worry that it’s the IT Security people remotely taking a screenshot of what’s on my PC.

I mean, normally it’s not a problem, but there’s that one picture of lieu offering a bag of Hershey’s Kisses to a naked Helen Gurley Brown…

When I’m walking to the bus stop in the morning… alone… at 6:30 in the dark… I like turn in 50 circles, 'cause I want to look behind me and in front at the same time, because I’m sure there’s someone following me. And, at the age of 15, I still look under my bed every night because I think some rapist is going to kill me while I’m asleep… weird…