Parental Moments

Ever have a response or say something that really brought out the fact that you’re a parent. I was recently listening to the song “I Touch Myself” on the radio. A few years ago, my response would have been, “Oooooh, she touches herself! That’s so hot.”

But my mental response to “I Touch Myself” this time was, “Well, cut it out!”

Yeah, that’s a parental moment, alrighty. Anybody else have one?

Whenever I visit anyone’s house and see an Iron on an ironing board or a hot pan on a cooker, I’ll put them away or turn the handles to the back… It’s instinct

I shut doors. When I’m visiting people with my kiddo, I close all doors I don’t want her entering. I also will put scissors away or up high on a shelf.

I ABSOLUTELY knew that I was a parent when I uttered these words to the GrizzCub…

“Did you just blow your nose on your mommies insoles?!”

:stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

I guess I’m overprotective because when we are at some friends’ house the husband usually has to tell me to basically back off. I guess I should have let his little crawler play with a ceramic mug on the hearth. Maybe if it broke he wouldn’t have cut himself. I really was mean when I took it away and made him cry.


(I’m not a happy Orthodox Jewish man, but I like that icon.)

On a rare date with my husband at a nice restaurant, in a loudish voice I announced “i have to go potty now!” :o

When I used a diaper pin to hold my maternity jeans shut, after I popped the button on them.

When I saw a tv ad for a cute, sporty little car, and thought “the car seat would NEVER fit in the back of that.”