I belong to a tennis club, for which I pay a fairley high membership fee. Its a nice club, with a large outdoor pool, and decnt courts. I have one problem though-the goddamn people who treat it as a day care center for their kids! I can understand family memberships-yes, it entitles your kids to use the pool-but NOT 24-7!! As soon as school gets out, they dump the little fuckers off at 9:00 AM-and the little brats STAY ALL GODDAM DAY!! They hog the lounge chairs, make a mess, and generally make everybody else miserable. At least the management prohibits boom boxes-otherwise we’d have to liten to rap-crap “music” at 120 db all day!
So parents-give us a break-leave your little darlings home, once in a while! I know it’s tough to find things for your offspring to do in the summertime-just don’t bring them here!:eek:

What does the management have to say?

Are you suggesting that parents actually take care of their own children? My dear ralph, don’t you realize that by working in a place that allows children you are automatically assigned to be their caretakers? Parents don’t take care of children! They have their own lives to lead and your sanity/goals/duties are secondary to that purpose.

There is going to come a day when we are going to have entire neighbourhoods, even cities, that are segregated into “With Children” and “Without Children”. I say this because what I see of how people are raising their children and, like SpazCat says, expecting the whole world to look out for and look after them, and put up with any behaviour the little darlin’s care to engage in, makes me want to never be around children. We live in the Cult of the Child, where the dichotomy of putting children on a pedestal and exalting them co-exists with ignoring them and making no allowances in your life for them. So, in response to the OP (finally), if you want a place that hasn’t got children in it 24/7, you’ll probably have to find a different place, ralph, cause children are more important than you - at least, that’s the message I get every day.

I’m gonna have to call nonsense on the idea that countless people are dumping countless children off at a pool and leaving them there all day long without any supervision whatsoever. A pool? Where they might drown? Nope. And all alone, all day long? In an era of child molesters and kidnappers who can and have snatched kids from every and anywhere? Nope.

More likely there are a few parents who are being irresponsible and selfish. Complain to them that their children are disturbing to other members of the club because they are not being courteous little co-members of society when mommy and daddy aren’t around. If they aren’t responsive, go to the club management. Have something more to go on than blanket statements about kids being little fuckers hogging the lounge chairs. (Where are they supposed to sit? First come, first served only applies to adults in your world, maybe?)

All this jibber jabber just makes people without kids look like idiots. You try having complete responsibility for another human being 24/7 and you see how glib you can be about other people’s choices.

Yes, it happens. Mom and Dad both work, so they join a community pool so the kids have something to do during the summer. They won’t drown…that’s what the lifeguards are for. :rolleyes:
Better then having them at home raiding the liquor cabinet or zoning out in front of Nintendo all day. I’ve seen moms in the parking lot dropping off a minivan full of kids in the morning. Not little kids, mind you, but 11, 12, 13, 14 year-olds, sure. It’s cheaper than a nanny or full-time daycamp.

See what the rules of the club are first. At my pool, kids under 16 are not allowed without parents or an over-18 babysitter. When there’s 5 or 6 of them, and they spread their stuff out over 10 or 12 chairs and 3 tables, and get loud and obnoxious (cursing, throwing food, etc.), I complain. I usually have to point out the obvious (“Gee, I wonder where their parents are?”) before anything is done, but it works.

JFTR, I do have kids of my own. I’d NEVER leave them at a pool by themselves.

I, too, have been to public pools where parents will drop off their kids for rather long periods of time. Naturally, after about two or three hours of playing in the pool, the kids get bored, and if there isn’t anything else for them to do, they’re prone to get into trouble. I don’t blame the kids for this behavior, really-- after two hours of swimming, I have the option of laying out in the sun with a book or leaving, but most of these kids have nothing with them but some towels and maybe a few swim toys.

The bored kids usually get antsy and will start running around or fighting with each other, which is a dangerous thing to do by the side of a pool. Not only do I worry that the kids will slip and fall and get hurt, but that the lifeguards will be so busy babysitting these kids that they won’t be able to devote their full attention to what’s going on in the water.

It really bothers me that some people can disregard their children’s safety the way some do. Sure, the lifeguard is there to keep your child from drowining, but it’s the parents’ job to make sure the kid isn’t splashing other swimmers, chasing their siblings/friends around the pool, throwing food, or screaming. Perhaps the lifeguard will keep your kids in line for you, but what’s preventing some creep from walking off with your kid? I’ve seen people carry children screaming “NO! NO! NO!” out of public places all the time and (perhaps wrongly) assumed that the child was simply throwing a fit.

If I were a parent, I’d never leave my child in a place unless I had asked someone to be there who could devote all of their attention to making sure he/she was out of harm’s way. Maybe this is some weird parent thing that I’ll never ‘get’, but I simply don’t understand why anyone would put such young kids unattended into such a potentially dangerous situation. :frowning:

This reminds me of this:

Damn, Waldo, you beat me to the punch.

But here’s another semi-relevant link:

Of course it’s the parent’s job to watch their kids. That’s why I put the little roll-eyes face in my post. I wasn’t condoning the behavior; I was just verifying that it happens.

When I see a mom dropping off a van full of kids, with admonishments to behave, I just cringe, and make sure I sit far, far away from that group of kids. Trust me, if I see a group of unattended kids, I’m right there at the pool office complaining.
“Excuse me, but see those kids over there? I saw their mom drop them off and leave. They’re here with no adult and they’re causing trouble AGAIN.”
I do feel sorry for the kids, because it’s not their fault. Mom and Dad should know better. It’s laid out clearly in the rules; no unattended kids under age 16. And it doesn’t mean a 16-yo brother can watch his little siblings. The kids under 16 have to have an actual babysitter/nanny.

when I was a kid, we spent 4-6 hours a day, every day at the public pool. It was a small town. What the hell else are you supposed to do? There wasn’t a parent in site until the early evening. Dunno, maybe you have some unrealistic expectations for peace during daylight hours in the summer. Of course, if your club has rules and shit about kids, well, take it up with them.

I don’t think it’s “unrealistic expectations for peace”; it’s about parents being responsible for their kids.
Yes, my pool has “rules and shit” about kids. No unattended kids.

In this lawsuit-happy society, I can only imagine what would happen if a kid drowned w/o a parent around. Yes, it’s the lifeguard’s duty to prevent such a thing, but it’s ultimately the parent’s responsibility.

My pool has three baby pools. Two of them are only ankle-deep, and have NO life guard on duty, ever. It is clearly posted that parents are to remain with their children AT ALL TIMES.
There have been lots of times I’ve walked by or been in there with my youngest and seen toddlers or 3-4 year-olds in there with no parents to be seen. I flag down an employee and turn the kid over to them. Just amazing what some people will do.

I know, I was agreeing with you. :slight_smile:

The summer when I was 9, in 1970, I spent nearly every day at our swim club. My Dad would drop me off on his way to work in the morning when the pool opened at 9:00, and came by and picked me up on his way home at about the time the pool closed (usually between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.) My normally dark-brown hair turned blond that summer due to all the time I spent outside and in the pool.

I still remember the lifeguards saying in a plaintive little voice “Aren’t you cold, Libby? Aren’t you ready to get out now?” at 8:30 PM, and I would chirp back “Nope, I’m fine.” In my naivete, I thought they were worried about me being cold — not their wanting to close up shop because I was the last one in the pool.

This was the summer my older sister was dying of cancer. My Mom was busy taking her to doctor and physical therapy appointments, with my 3 year old younger sister in tow. My parents knew the management of the club, and they knew the situation, and they were kind enough to keep an eye out on me. At the time, I didn’t know my sister was going to die, and I considered this to be one of the most fun summers of my life.

I spent a lot of the day in the pool; sometimes I went out and played other games like volleyball or horseshoes when other kids I knew showed up. I knew the time that all the trains would come by, and garnered an impressive collection of smashed pennies from them. If there was a thunderstorm, I walked over the the nearby home of some friends of the family, who were essentially my second set of parents that summer.

We kids all got pissed when we were kicked out of the pool for 15 minutes every hour for “adult swim.” All the adults did was just stand there in the 4 ft section chatting with one another, not even getting their hair wet.

I know this is very rambling and not very pittish at all — the issue just brought up some very vivid memories for me.