Paris Hilton: Who Cares, And Why?

Paris Hilton is all over the press, and now has a show starting on FOX next week.

As far as I know, all she is famous for is being a rich party brat with an amateur porn video making the rounds on the Internet.

So what is the fascination with her? Am I missing something?


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Well, part of society has an obsession with rich people, and how they live. This isn’t anything new. Another reason she’s so popular is because she’s hot, or at least other people seem to think she is.

I would also venture to say a lot of people are interested in her because she’s got a “slutty” vibe to her, the video going around doesn’t help. Love the slutty behavior and cloths, or hate it… doesn’t matter to her because more and more people are learning her name.

I for one, won’t even watch the fist episode of that new show coming out.

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Because she’s a drunk, slutty, rich, little blond hottie who goes “Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh! Unh! Uh!.. Hi There!… Oh! Unh! Oh!”

There’s a fisting episode ? ? ? ?

Well, she is beautiful.
I’ll be watching if only to see her scream at a box of baby chicks(I think that was a preview)
Nichole Ritchie is pretty too.

I never heard of her until the talk of the new “put rich folk in hillbilly land show” came about. I really don’t think she’s all that cute. The other girl is much cuter, I think, and honestly, I don’t think she’s terribly hot.

I’m as confused as the DMark

Spoiled or not, I give her props if she actually goes ahead and sticks her hand up a bulls ass (I would have simply taken the butchers word but that’s just me).