Parody version of "Red Roses for a Blue Lady"--lyrics & performer(s)

I heard the parody version within a year or so of Vic Dana’s popular original.
I want some dead, red roses for an old, blue lady
Mister Florist make it snappy please!
She tripped me on a wire the other day
I hope these smelly flowers drive that hag away!
Wrap up some dead red roses for an old blue lady,
Send then C.O.D. and P. D. Q.;
And if they make her go
I’ll soon be back, you know
To pay for services rendered by you!

I’m sure of the lyrics, for the most part–except for the last line, which I remembered imperfectly and so the one I entered here is my won, admittedly rather weak compared to the rest of the parody lyrics.
Any help here? And who was/were the performer(s)–perhaps Homer and Jethro?

Old Crusty Minstrels???