"Partners" TV show

This is a sitcom by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, who also created Will and Grace. It’s a life-long “bromance” between two guys, one gay and the other straight (and the straight guy has a fiancée). I’ve seen the 3 first episodes, and I’m hooked. It’s like *Will & Grace *with characters you can actually identify with, and without all the bitchiness.

Anyone else watching it?

Yep, me too. I like the writing and the actors. It made me laugh out loud where a lot of comedies get a pained smile.

I tried to watch the premiere, but couldn’t get more than about 10 minutes in. Too many stereotypes and obvious jokes. What I saw wasn’t Will & Grace, it was Grace & Jack.

I find it funny and painful.

We have watched the first two, and have the third on DVR.

It is OK so far - some good lines.

One reviewer said this show would have been a huge hit - in the 1980’s.

We had the first 3 episodes recorded. Watched the first and immediately deleted the other 2. I don’t think either my wife or I laughed even once.

This is a selling point? I liked it when they threw shade.

I found it painfully unfunny. Just awful, really.

What I found fun with Will and Grace that I don’t feel here is that originality that W&G carried with it. This show seems rather formulaic and somewhat predictable. Granted I have only seen a couple of the shows, but it is a feeling I get.

That one guy is so stereotypically camp that I kept wondering if I should be offended on behalf of gay people. I also kept thinking of the first part of this Patton Oswalt bit (NSFW language).

He’s cute, but annoying as hell the second he opens his mouth. Also I feel like they’re giving way more attention to the straight couple than the gay one and that bothers me. If it wasn’t sandwitched inbetween How I Met You’re Mother and Two Broke Girls I wouldn’t watch it, and I have a feeling that’s true for most of it’s viewers.

Surprisingly, I’m finding The New Normal (on NBC) to be much better than this show.

I’m just flabbergasted anyone could say this is Will & Grace without the bitchiness. The stereotyped gay guy was probably the worst thing I’ve seen on television this year. It was impossible to imagine being in a room with him for the length of the show let alone a 20-year friendship. Every line was irritating. Every. Single. Line. Without. Letup.

One episode was plenty. How can anybody defend this guy?