Pass Drug Test Today = Pass Drug Test Tomorrow?

I’ve been off of my favorite recreational pharmaceutical for about seven days, owing to the fact that I’m unemployed and may (probably will) have to take a pre-employment drug test before my next job.

I bought a kit at Walgreen’s and passed with flying colors. Assuming I don’t do any more drugs (a safe assumption), is there a possibility of a later test (say, in the next 48 hours) coming up positive? As in, there were no metabolites in this cup of pee, but some lingering ones might show up in the next one?


Can’t testify as to whether a day will make a difference, but I would expect a professional-grade test to perform a little better than one from Walgreen’s.

Is the kit you bought from Walgreens the exact same one companies uses to test your urine?

It’s possible that the testing that a company might do would be far more sensitive than something you can buy at a drugstore, however assuming the testing is fairly standard it’s unlikely that your levels would spike for no reason after you have tested negative 48 hours previously.

I’m interested in this as well. If it’s not too much of a hijack…

I’ve been a regular smoker for a number of years, and I’ve just decided to stop for a while. Not sure if it’s permanent or not, just seemed like time for a break. I’ve recently quit smoking cigarettes as well, so that’s got something to do with it.

How does the detox process work? From what I understand, it’s 28 days - give or take - to pass the standard test. Note - I’m NOT taking a test, I’m self-employed and just trying to understand the process.

I also understand that THC is NOT water soluble and is stored/absorbed into body fat. Do exercise rates affect the cleansing process? If I’m running a lot, does the burning of excess fat from increased aerobic activity increase the amount of THC - due to the metabolism of the fat cells - or decrease (because there’s less).

Do those types of tests actually have anything to do with that, or is it strictly metabolites from recent consumption?

A kit at Walgreens? I had no idea they sold such a thing over the counter, and I’d not be the least surprised if it comes with a load of disclaimers warning you not to take it seriously. SAMSHA-qualified labs use immunoassays to do screening, followed by GCMS for positive results. There are dipstick tests under development, but nothing is approved.

If this test is more elaborate than I suspect, and the result does mean something, then no, you would pass it again.

Absolutely. Several issues here to consider.

There are two types of OTC drug tests at places like Walgreens. Some with instant results, some that you send in. The ones with instant results are less precise and more prone to error. The webpages for these products are teeming withreviews from people who say they passed the OTC test but failed the one for their job.

You didn’t say what drugs you had been using. Some drugs wash out of your system in a few days, others can stay for weeks. Marijuana can linger for months if you’re a daily user. Some types of depressants can be detected for 6 weeks. And this is based on a urine test. Some employers have switched to saliva tests or hair tests because collection is easier. Hair tests can detect traces of stuff up to 90 days.

The rule of thumb I always heard for regular marijuana use was that it took
six weeks abstinence to get drug-test safe. The following link appears to
indicate it is more like 11 weeks, although appaently there may be large
individual differences.

Drug Test Detection Timing

The link also porived some information on other drugs; it seems that pot
is the only substance you have to worry about for more than about one week.

How would they know they failed for sure? I know on the form it says you can get a copy of the results and I have taken a few drugs tests, but no one has ever sent me the results of my tests so far. And it’s been over a month since the last one.

Like one review said

Would an employer give you that much information? I thought they either would say, “We went with another candidate,” or simply, “Sorry you failed”