Pass the Pigs: online

Definitely mundane, pointless, and worthy of sharing.

I love the board game – how fun to find it online.

It’s especially fun when you’ve had a drink or two :wink:

I own this game, too. Bought it as sort of a gag-gift for the hub, never played it though…but now that it’s online…off I go!

Thanks, by the way.

OMG!! My family loves this game! I used to play every Friday in my freshman (high school) Biology class - it was pretty much a free day, and we’d have 5-6 people crammed around our lab table tossin’ the ham.
Double Trotters, here I come!

Oh, how funny! Thanks!


I was totally kicking the computers ass, with me ahead of the computer by at least 70 points coming into round 8. In the last two rounds the computer scored 75 points, all 5 and 10 point throws. :rolleyes: No one can throw the hams like that! He’s cheating I tell ya!

Thanks for the game :smiley:

E’gads, there goes a productive morning. :slight_smile: