past flings

Do you ever wonder about past lovers and do you wonder if they think about you?

I thought that was the point of Facebook.

Every now and again.

One even looked me up on Facebook recently, it was… interesting.

I wonder about some of them from time to time and there are a couple that I hope remember me as fondly as I do them. Had we met at different times and in different circumstances things might have turned into a lot more than they did. Or maybe less than they did, I suppose.

There also might be a couple that I just wish I could take an amnesia pill for and forget that they ever even existed.

Not all of us ar ten years old. I’m talking about stuff 20 years ago or more.

Yes, of course.

I have been in relationships with some fantastic women and I do not regret the time I shared with them. I would not go back to any of them and I do not have an interest in being friends with them either.

My wife is truly awesome, our relationship is fun and flirty, she’s my perfect partner. That said, I have fond memories of the women I dated before I was married. I do wish them well.

What the hell did anybody say that deserved this response? Facebook? The ladies I work with range in age from late 40’s to early 60’s and they all have one.

On occasion, yes. I often wonder if I cross his mind, and what kind of an impression the time we spent with each other left.

Out of about a hundred interactions with the opposite sex (spread out over 25 years of dating), many of which ended awkwardly if not badly, there are maybe half a dozen guys I DO think about and wonder how they made out in life. There is The One Guy I fell for when I was in my early 20’s, and not a week goes by that I don’t think of him. When he moved away, he took a piece of my heart.

Post #2.

All the time. And yes, several ex-boyfriends/ex-FWB’s/ex-flings are my F’book friends!

Every woman on earth is into this self aborbing bullshit?

And some men, too, even. Appalling, isn’t it?

My wife, against my better judgement, convinced me to set up a facebook account.

It sits there, abandoned and unmonitored by me, yet I get the occasional friend request from an ex. I am not interested in my personal past. It is the future with my wife I am focused on.

This is MPSIMS. Please tone it down a notch. Thank you.

Nice to know you are a self absorbed Internet “MAN”

Not everybody on Facebook is there to get the most friends or have the biggest Farmville lot. There are lots of people that just like having a way to reconnect with people they used to know. Maybe even the old flings they reminisce on from time to time.

I can understand not being into it, I don’t use it myself, but I think you’re being overly hostile to something that’s just a tool. If you want to be a dramatic attention whore you can do that, sure, but if you just want to communicate with real life friends and family or people you’ve lost touch with it’s good for that too.

Actually, I’m a self-absorbed Internet woman. But thanks, anyway.

Keeping in contact with people via correspondence?

Yes, of course, it’s pretty common for women to be into that kind of stuff. Why do you think there is a multibillion dollar greeting card industry. Do you think it’s men sending all those greeting cards?

It’s funny that you have some strange notion of what Facebook is. It allows you to remain in contact with friends you might lose contact with otherwise. But I guess that’s self-absorbed in a narrow little world. :stuck_out_tongue:

He says in his post on a social networking community message board where he asked a Facebook style question…