Pat, I'd like to buy a shift key ...

Yay! My first pit post! Be gentle, I’m a virgin …

Gar, but the way the youth today write drives me up a wall! With the text-speak and the lack of capitalization (and often punctuation) to the frequent misspellings (here/hear, you’re/your, etc). It’s bad enough that they do it in public on a public message board (where every-freaking-body else is writing normal, isn’t that, maybe, a CLUE???) but (from what I hear, thankfully I’m several years removed already) they do it on school assignments too! And for some reason, the teachers don’t even correct it any more, but they’re allowed to graduate like that!!! Subtitle of this Pit post should be “I pit the (North) American educational system.”

And, the part that really got my dander up, in the above-linked thread, where said poster was gently reminded of their aversion to the shift key, they replied:

… GAH! …

What. The. Fuck!!!

It’s like being reminded that two plus two is four, not five, and giving “that’s OK, people know what I mean and I don’t want to bother fixing it” as a response and continue blissfully and blatantly being wrong.

… GAH! …


It isn’t really like that at all. Two plus two isn’t five.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t read past the thread title and the user name from laughing too hard.

Its just a combination of being lazy and apathetic. to be fair, I do it sometimes too, but knowing how particular the SDMB is about things like that, I try to be careful! Plus, I can appreciate how it improves readability. But if you don’t care about the reader, well . . . there you go!

(Something I forgot to add before)

I mean, cripes, if this guy can post to the SMDB with proper spelling, punctuation and capitalization, why can’t confission and others like it.

(And, sorry, bosstone, but that’s a “whoosh” for me - the thread title is slightly humourous (I am a standup comedian, so it’s hard for me to be serious at all, which is why I went with that title instead of the subtitle), but I don’t see the connection between it and my user name.)

It’d kill the joke if I explained it, but this is even funnier (bolded for helpfulness).

Never mind.

D’oh! Yes, I am slow. My username is all lowercase.

My rant stands though. :slight_smile:

this is something I’m guilty of - I generally only capitalize pronouns and acronyms unless I’m emailing a client. in my defense, I’m good about punctuation - although, I probably overuse commas and hypens.

I’ll give a buy-in to this one.

If you’re trying to make a point, you lose a lot of credibility if you can’t be bothered to press the shift key from time to time.

Sure, that’s my personal opinion, but if I’m the one you’re trying to convince of something, that’s the opinion that matters.

I hate it when people mix up there homophones and cant figure out wear to put apostrophe’s. Drives me up the freaking wall. Even when I’m the one doing it. Especially when I’m the one doing it.

The way I see it, a message board post is read many, many more times than it’s written so it’s the height of narcissism to say, “i can type more effeciently and still maintain just as much meaning by not capitalizing.”

I agree that the same meaning is more or less there but why make it harder to extract?

That’s “efficiently”. Thanks for playing! And our next contestant is…

I use proper capitalization virtually all the time. One place where i don’t do it (have you spotted it already?) is with the first-person singular subject pronoun.

I think i fell into this habit largely as a result of many hours spent using MS Word, which automatically capitalizes the “I”. I simply carry my typing habits over to places like the Dope.

I imagine a lot of people don’t really read their own posts, so they probably don’t realize how much harder it is to read.

Ah yes - the sic question! I don’t usually insert sics into a message board quote because it can look pompous and condescending but I guess there’s a risk you take.

Now I just feel sic.


Hay, eye re-sent that! Ay don’t fear homophones, I just don’t like them!

Wrong. You don’t like them because you fear you are one. You’re a homophonophobe.