Pathetic fashion question: black sock with sneakers?

Back when I worked a job that required khakis and reasonably dressy shoes, I acquired roughly a metric assload of black sweatsocks.

These days, my employer only requires that wear something other than underwear to the office. Mostly I just wear jeans and sneakers.

Since both my wife and I are woefully lazy about doing laundry, I’m lately finding myself running out of white socks to wear with said jeans and sneakers. I realize I could just buy more, and I probably will, but that will inevitably lead to me putting off the laundry for exactly the number of days as I have additional pairs of socks, if that makes sense.

So, is it a tremendous faux pas to wear some of my underused collection of dark socks with my work clothes? Currently, the shoes are a pair of black Adidas Sambas. I know it’s a big no-no to do any kind of dark sock with white sneakers, but I dunno about with dark sneakers.

I’d ask my wife, but she’d just look at me and say “Jesus! You’re so frickin’ metro!

Hmmm… 80% of the people in my building are gay dudes… I suppose I could try to sneak peeks at their feet, but it might be a little awkward if they caught me looking. “Yeah… I was just wondering about your, uh… socks…”


I say no. I’m not an authority, but any socks that show with sneakers should be white. However, you can were no-show socks or anklets that are colored with sneakers.

Black socks, they never get dirty,
The longer I wear them the stronger they get -
Sometimes I think I should launder them;
Something keeps telling me “Not yet, not yet”.

Thank you for paying attention. You may now return to your regularly scheduled threads.

I think it would be okay to wear black socks with black sneakers.

Of course, I’m a girl, so I’ll wear pink or green socks with sneakers, so what do I know?

I think the Black Socks with Black sneakers with long pants for work is okay, but I am a geek, so what do I know.
I guess I am a moderate and I like to find the middle road. I like Grey tube socks.


It’s fine, esp. since your sneakers are also black. If it makes you that uncomfortable, you could switch to high-tops.

Just don’t wear the black socks with shorts, regardless of sneaker type. :slight_smile:

My life has been easy for the last 10 years or so (at least in this respect) – I only buy black sneakers, and I only buy black socks. They look fine together, and because I only buy one type/brand of socks, I never have to stress out about finding a matching pair.

Oh…but I wouldn’t wear black socks with white sneakers.

Count me in as a black (well, black and dark blue) sneaker and black sock wearer. I despise white socks, though, so I only buy black/dark shoes.

So you’ve been wearing white socks with the black sneakers? Go black/black, definitely.

I had a pair of black Pumas last year that I loved, but the mesh part that rested over my pinky toes had a small hole in each shoe. Bought no show black socks and voila! - couldn’t see the hole.

But I think no one’s socks should show very much when wearing sneakers. Ankle cut or shorter is the only way to go. But that’s just me.

Unless, of course, you’re German…in which case it is required.

All my socks except my argyles are black: athletic black and dress black. All calf length.

I haven’t owned white sneakers since high school because I have neither the time nor inclination to keep white shoes spotlessly clean, and because I snobbishly hold to my “five pair of shoes are enough” ideal.

In fact, it’s time to buy new shoes and donate these old ones.

If you’re wearing pants, and black shoes, then black socks are not only fine, they’re preferable. If you’re wearing shorts and sneakers, then your socks should not be visible anyway, so color is a moot point. Unless you’re engaged in athletic activity, in which case ankle socks are okay. Those should be white, then.

So the only time you should have visible white socks, is if you’re jogging or playing a sport or something. Or if you’re wearing pants and white sneakers… :confused:
Otherwise, your socks should be dark or black or maybe grey.

Correct. Personally, I think that matching white socks with black shoes is absolutely atrocious. No offense to white sock-people!

Black or brown shoes go with socks that are black, dark blue or grey.

Do you mean these? Ankle socks, then, or white socks. Not black, too geeky for a sporty shoe like that.

Eh? I guess I missed the memo on this one. Then again, I apparently missed the memo on dark socks with white sneakers. As far as I can tell, with long pants, dark socks are perfectly acceptable. With shorts, dark socks look dorky.

Then again, I discovered last summer that athletic socks have undergone some periodic fashion change and have retreated into the sneaker – I bought a few pair of those but in my opinion they also look irretrievably dorky.

Am I the only one who hates the no-show socks and anklet thingys? I think it looks funny when people wear shorts with sneakers and you can’t see any sock. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by what I’m used to, or I could just have no taste, but I hate seeing ankles with sneakers. It just looks…wrong.

I agree that it is preferable to wear black socks with black shoes/sneakers. I firmly believe that white socks should be worn only with white shoes.

One solution is to throw all the black socks in the washing machine, pour in a quart of bleach and wash. You’ll probably end up with all grey socks, thus solving the problem. :smiley: