Truly no-show socks?

I want a pair of no-show socks. I do not want the top of the sock to peek out above my sneakers. I have three pair of supposed no-show socks and they all show. I bought the first two pair: one from Target and the other from Lady Foot Locker. My husband bought me a pair from Wal*Mart (Peds, I think). They all show!

The sneakers are kind of low, but surely someone out there can recommend a pair of no-show socks. I’ll post a link to the sneakers if you need me to.


If they are no-show, no one would really know that they’re socks.

And they won’t get banned for it until they decide to post

My girlfriend got hers at Lord & Taylor of all places, don’t know if that helps.

AHunter3, thanks for the reply. I hate May dept stores, but I will make an exception and go to one to find these socks.

These shoes kick much ass and ass-kicking factor is mitigated by socks. I don’t like wearing sneakers without socks, though.

Once again, I totally agree with you about clothing. I hate sneakers with socks, unless I’m working out. Even then, if I’m wearing shorts and you can see the socks it still bothers me.

I got some Peds and they are ok on me. They show a tiny bit on the sides of my Pumas, but they weren’t bad. I saw some in the Gap (I think) the other day that looked really tiny, so I’ll report back if I end up getting a pair.

Maybe I should just go all out and get the kind with the little pom-poms on the backs.

Or just rebel completely and get those late-70s-early-80s style soccer knee socks.

Fuck yeah! Red and blue stipes, baby!

Old navy makes really good no-show socks.

Well, you could just forgo socks…

:o I wear these…but I have a reason. I hate socks, so in order to encourage myself to wear them when I need, I buy really really cute ones.