Patrick Stewart in LOTR

Attention LOTR people,

Has anyone ever thought that Patrick Stewart should of had a role in LOTR? He would of made a good Gandolf (not necessarily better, but good),


Who’s Gandolf? :smiley:

Anyway, I now cannot imagine anyone but Ian McKellen in the role of Gandalf, and though I have some major issues with some parts of the movies, that’s someting about them I wouldn’t change. Also Christopher Lee made a damn good Saruman, so I don’t see PS in any Wizard roles.

Hmmmm…maybe he could have done Treebeard’s voice. I mean, Treebeard sounded like Gimli on barituates…because he pretty much was. Would it have been that hard to find another vocal talent to play the chief Ent?

Patrick Stewart was the only other name I’d thought of for Gandalf. I’m sure he’d have been very good, though I can’t see anybody topping Sir Ian. (By the way, when the hell is Stewart going to get knighted? Seems like it should be his turn.

I don’t know why they went that route either. I can see they didn’t want him to sound like just another person, but even if I hadn’t known in advance both characters were voiced by the same guy, I would’ve been asking…

I agree there would be a pleasing symmetry in having Gandalf, Dumbledore, Saruman, Yoda, Picard and Xavier played by the same actor, but seriously. The first three have the hair the second three don’t. What are you going to do?

Although Patrick Stewart has the proper imperiousness, he doesn’t have the warmth that is also an essential part of Gandalf’s character.

The part I really think he would have been good for was Denethor.

It depends on what he’s doing. I was lucky enough to see him perform his one-man show of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and there was a great deal of warmth and charm and humour in the performance.

Gotta agree about him making a good Denethor, although I’d be curious to see what he could have done with Theoden.

The only other person I thought of for Gandalf was Sean Connery. In fact, didn’t he turn down that role because he hadn’t read LOTR and didn’t understand the script?

Way back before Peter Jackson started on the trilogy, we had a “Cast the Lord of the Rings” thread here, and I nominated Stewart for Denethor. He really could have pulled it off, better, perhaps, than (whoever it was). But to be fair, there’s probably going to be a lot more development of Denethor in the extended edition, so I’m willing to suspend judgement.

Mrs. Z always proposed Stewart as Denethor as well.

I think he would have made a smashing Merry.

I would really love to see him as Tom Bombadil. :smiley:

Another vote for Stewart as Steward, but for Eru’s sake, give Denethor back his character!

As for being too bald for a wizard, did anyone really think McKellen was wearing his own beard? Mind you, put Patrick in a syrup, it’s hardly him any more…