Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek!?

So, rumor has it that CBS is expanding* Star Trek* to more shows, and Patrick Stewart may be returning in a new mini-series or series.
New* Star Trek*? Patrick Stewart? Does that make you sit up?

I am excited, but a little apprehensive. The “reboots” did not live up to the originals, and I believe J J Abrams has completely betrayed the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s vision, which is what made TOS and ST:TNG so great. I haven’t even bothered with STD, because 1.) I don’t want to pay for it; and 2.) Everything I read and heard about it made me certain I would hate the worldview of the writers.

I’m guessing some Dopers are also Trekkers. Got anything else to add to the rumors? Any speculation about a new show?

I’d love to see a TNG reboot. It doesn’t seem likely Patrick would return to the weekly grind of a series. He is 77.

Maybe a miniseries. Or perhaps an occasional appearance in a reboot.

I bet Michael Dorn would return too. I’d like to see Worf as a Star Fleet captain. Commanding a Federation ship.

Keep in mind, this is him at 75.

I would watch. I am a Kirk fan. But I did appreciate Picard. I wonder who else would come in? Data? Troi? Riker?

They would have to bring Data back from the dead.

B4 or after?

The article I saw suggest that he may be part of the animate stuff they are doing. So that would make his age basically immaterial.

I’d watch it, but not if it’s behind that stupid paywall all access thingy.

What’s funny is there was an episode where Picard was old as shit for whatever reason (I don’t remember), and he’s barely aged a day since then. :smiley:


And rejuvenate him by at least 20 years.

The one with the flute, where he lives out an entire life in the world of the probe that zaps him. Not one of the better episodes, IMHO.

Its generally held to be a classic. But your O is noted.

Classic-shmassic. So is “Spock’s Brain.”

I’ve never heard of it being treated as such, except ironically.

I get not liking the flute episode if you also don’t like the one after Best of Both Worlds, set on Earth. If you’re there for the space opera, the episodes that deviate from that might not be to your liking.

But I would hope you could take a step back and see it as a quality episode that you don’t like. Same as I can look at The Great Gatsby and hate it, while still getting why people consider it “literature.”

The episode is “The Inner Light”, and it’s on most of the “Best of ST:TNG” lists you’ll find.

I would love this to be true but for now it is just a Click Bait headline that has no substance. There is no script or offer. Just “Wouldn’t it be great if…”.

That is the big issue. Brent Spiner is now pushing 70.

If the comics are canon, which they aren’t, then Data has already been revived.

I thought they found Data or parts of an identical machine while Picard was driving a jeep somewhere.

In the movie Nemesis. It was a prototype called B4. It was very literal-minded and did not have a personality like Data or Lore did. It was probably too primitive to have transplanted Data’s mental patterns into and keep him alive that way. In the non-canon novels, Geordi was ordered to dismantle B4 and pack him off to the Daystrom Institute for study, which Geordi did without protest.

Data is plastic-looking enough I imagine they could do a little CGI magic without too much expense (perhaps a head replacement only).