What new Star Trek show do YOU want?

So io9 has a story today about seven potential new Star Trek shows they’d like to see on CBS All Access.

Realizing that’s just speculation and wish fulfillment it’s still a worthy question. Which would you prefer? Or do you have your own idea?

Me? I’d like to see an anthology show. Maybe 2-3 episode arcs where we jump all over the Star Trek universe. Show us Star Fleet. Show us what happened to those renegade Borg. Show us life as a fixit man on some out of the way colony. But a show that allows a bit more worldbuilding and filling out, perhaps with an overarching storyline, would be good fun.

I agree with this but not for two or three episodes at a time. I want full twelve to twenty four episode season long arcs covering massive, Game of Thrones worthy epics. Maybe do one year of Starfleet: Corps of Engineers. Next year we could have a full season of Starfleet: JAG or whatever. Each season would feature a new cast with all new characters in a new setting with a single, self-contained, epic adventure set within he shared TREK universe. (Although I’ve never seen the show, I’m told this is basically the same format that American Horror Story used.)

Another option I’ve heard is to place it in the post-DS9 mirror universe. Lets see the founding of a fledgling Federation surrounded by the remnants of their former oppressors.

Yes, bring back the Borg!

The Borg are wonderful, terrifying antagonists. The Borg Queen makes me loathe TREK and weep for the memory of Gene Roddenberry.

I always wanted a “History Channel” anthology - The romulan wars, etc -

I second an Anthology show with multiple episode arcs that then change to new times and settings (even universes). I know it would be expensive since they would have to create new sets every time but I would think that today’s tech makes it doable.

Otherwise I really just want Star Trek back: a series about a Federation Starship filled with interesting characters exploring space.

Anything but Discovery. Or anything associated with it.

I’ve always wanted a series like the one we got a glimpse of in the first pilot: the early days of NCC-1707, right after she was launched, with either Robert T April or Christopher Pike in command (or maybe both—the former, Captain; the latter, First Officer) doing stories with a Forbidden Planet-type feeling.

Dorothy Fontana wrote a novel like this (one of the few I can stand reading) with Pike in command, and Spock and Scott as junior officers.

I need a sequel to Deep Space Nine.

Stark Trek: The Wire or DS9: Breaking Bad

We always see the Eloi, I want to see the Trek Morlocks. I like the idea of the utopia, but I want to see the necks stepped on, the innocent collateral damage it took to get there. And which must still exist.

Anything that’s not another fucking prequel or reboot.

CSI: Risa.

And give me more Data!

Keeping Up With The Cardassians?

A non-Enterprise oriented series, set in the ST:TOS Era.

There was more than one ship, in Starfleet.

Oh My God! I watched that “new” movie (okay, I’m 10 years late to the party, sue me!) and Damn! if it wasn’t the 2nd worst movie I’ve ever seen!

Kirk was a punk-ass, Spock had more emotions than a teen-age girl…

You know, I don’t want to think about it. Ever again.

I like that idea!

I think they should do a story about the early days of Star Fleet, where you see Earth people first encountering the various species in space around us, getting to know the Vulcans, the Andorrians, the Tellarites, etc., explaining the origins of the war with the Klingons and talking about the war with the Romulans…

No, I mean a REAL show that does that; not some stupid excuse for one that promises it and then manages to screw it up big time… :mad:

Ditto. And no wars. Wars are a cheap way of generating plot ideas. Exploring strange new worlds takes more work, but is a lot better.
One of the smaller ships, like the ones Kirk was on during his early years, finding new places and dealing with the kinds of problems from from TOS would be great.

I think the new Picard show should basically be Murder She Transmitted Over The Subspace Communication Relay.