It's Official: Jean Luc Picard is back!!

Patrick Stewart announced a few minutes ago at the big Trek convention in Las Vegas that he is coming back as Picard in an upcoming new Star Trek series. Don’t have a link but you can see the announcement on his Twitter.

I didn’t believe it would happen but I am very happy. Always was a big fan of the actor and the character.
Make it so Bitches!

He’ll need to wear a tractor-beam belt in case he breaks a hip.

Just kidding. If the end result is more Orville-like and less Discovery-like, I’ll be happy.

Another detail: it will be set 20 years after Nemesis. I also believe it will be on CBS Streaming like Discovery.

I’m glad he’s back, but I have no plans to subscribe to the streaming service, so I’ll never see the show.

Working titles:

Star Trek: Golden Years
Star Trek: Del Boca Vista Retirement Community
Star Trek: Tuesdays with Jean-Luc
Star Trek: The Greatest Generation

Star Trek: Early Bird of the Galaxy

Star Trek: There Is No Senility in the 25th Century

Star Trek: Exploring with the Blinker On
Star Trek: Lost & Confused in Space
Star Trek: Sciatica

Please tell me Q is also coming back.

When John De Lancie as Donald Margolis on Breaking Bad uttered the words “you miserable little smackhead!” to Jesse Pinkman, I was like, “that’s seriously Q delivery right there.”

I’m really excited about this. As long as it’s exactly the opposite of the shitfest that Discovery is.

Get off my holodeck lawn, you young redshirts!

Now I gotta know if this is a full Star Trek: The Next Generation revival. And if so, will they bring back Data? Did his personality re-form in B-4’s brain? Will Worf be onboard? Or is this an entirely new crew?

They might throw us a fast one by showing Picard’s post-Starfleet career. Does he have Irumodic Syndrome?

It’s not a TNG revival. All we know is it takes place several years after Nemesis.

Star Trek: Help! I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Beam Up!


And hopefully it will avoid all the “I’m the new Art Director and my vision is…”-itis. Fuck your vision. Star Trek is Star Trek - stop fucking with it!

I’m betting he’ll be the new grounds-keeper at Star Fleet Academy.

It’s his ultimate destiny. Passing sage advise to fresh cadets. Just like his mentor, Boothby.

Apparently this show is being run by Kirsten Beyer who has written a lot of novels in the post-Nemesis universe. And unlike the Discovery crew she apparently cares deeply about characterization and continuity. And writing characters who aren’t all human garbage.

Never. Boothby is immortal.

I’m curious if Picard will make an occasional appearance or be in every episode.

I can’t imagine Patrick taking on the weekly grind that he worked before. He was in the majority of the scenes in many episodes.

I’d like to see a few episodes that focus heavily on Picard. Then let the new cast carry the majority of the season.

What I’d hate is Picard in cameo scenes. Don’t waste the character like that.

Dude still does eight shows a week in London and New York from time to time. I’m sure he can handle the shooting schedule assuming there will be a large cast. I doubt we’ll see him in action scenes or the like. He’s almost 80.