Patsy Ramsey has died

According to CNN Patsy Ramsey, mother of Jonbenet Ramsey, has died of cancer.

Hm, wonder if this means we’ll find out a little more about her role in what happened that night.

You think she left a signed confession in an envelope labeled “To be opened in the event of my death”?

Well, put like that, it does sound a little dumb, doesn’t it? :smack:

Have some more coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, barring a deathbed confession from somebody, I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened.

No, it’s just that now that she’s dead, all her acts and deeds are now recorded in the Book of Life, and you can look them up in the Reference section of your local public libary, which is required in most states to carry a current copy.

What, you didn’t know that? Sheesh! And you call yourself a moderator…

Poor woman. To lose a child is tragic enough, to be suspected of causing that child’s death… unbearable. With the news last year that DNA apparently proved the Ramseys were innocent, it seemed like maybe they would finally start getting some answers about what happened to their daughter and who was responsible… but after all that, Patsy still died without ever seeing the truth come out.


Given the amount of intense scrutiny directed at the Ramseys during the investigation, which turned up “fucking zero” in terms of evidence against them, I don’t see how anyone might expect something to turn up now.

Of the “evidence” implicating the parents presented in the media shitstorm following the girl’s murder, nearly all of it turned out to be completely false. Just about the only thing that was true is that they entered her in child beauty pageants. I agree that these pageants are as creepy as hell, but it’s a long way to go from that to sexual abuse and murder.

All of the actual evidence (often completely contrary to what was reported) appears to indicate that some unknown male broke in through the basement and killed her in the commission of a botched kidnapping.

This poor family. What happened to them is incomprehensibly awful. Just the murder would be bad enough, but to be unjustly vilified on top of it? Too much.

There was the ransom note for $118,000, which just happened to be John Ramsey’s work bonus. How did the kidnapper know the amount?

This thread is a harbinger of what the “OJ just died” thread will be.

DNA evidence has cleared all the Ramseys, & implicated au unknown-as-yet male.


They’re innocent.

I was wrong, when I thought they weren’t.

Wasn’t the ransom note in her handwriting?



Ah. Okay. You’d think I’d know better than to rely on vague recollections of old innuendos, eh? How sad for her.

Interesting. Did the police ever investigate John Ramsey’s coworkers? Or were they too focused on trying to pin the crime on the parents? I’m reminded of the Olympic Park bombing, and how the cops botched the investigation there. They spent so much effort trying to implicate that security guard, that by the time they finally realized they were barking up the wrong tree the real bomber, Eric Rudolf, was long gone. I think Rudolf was finally caught a year or two later in another state, but that’s no credit to the Atlanta PD.

More like seven years.

I really pitied that family. I think that the fact that this took place in a small Colorado town with a police department unused to homocide cases really doomed the investigation from the start. As pissed off as I am at the PD, I can at least understand that they were fighting a losing battle.

As a slight hijack, I was far more pissed off at the way the FBI treated Richard Jewell after the Olympic Park bombing. In reality, Jewell was a good cop who saved taxpayers’ lives that night. His reward was to be hounded by the FBI and the media based on the fact that the bomber might have had a similar personality to Jewell’s!!! There wasn’t even hearsay evidence supporting the Bureau. I remember reading Mindhunter a few months before, thinking about how John Douglas kept harping on profiling killers and about how reliable and foolproof it was, like profiling was the criminal cure-all. I also remember thinking “Hoo-boy, this will cause problems.” I just didn’t realize that it would cause such a big problem so soon.

But Jewell wasn’t a cop, but a security guard, IIRC. I’d heard that he was very overzealous and possibly had mental problems- he’d done things like stopping people on the road and impersonating a police officer in order to chastize them for speeding, etc. With his history, it wasn’t surprising that he was suspected, although they should have been looking at other possibilities also.

Hmm . . . OK, my bad, I was under the impression that he was a cop moonlighting as a security guard. But still, that makes him a security officer who went above and beyond the call of duty getting people out of the area. He could have notified someone and taken off, but he stayed to help clear people out of the area at no small risk to himself.

Also, I never heard anything about impersonating a police officer. I’m not doubting that you heard it, but do you have a cite? I’d imagine that being hired for real police duty would be more difficult with something like that on your record.

This article mentions it, 6th paragraph. A preview of a NY Times pay article says that he was still on probation for it.

What makes you think that the killer had any idea that the amount was the same as Ramsey’s work bonus? The amount was coincidental, but it’s really not a very interesting coincidence and we have no reason to believe that the killer was actually aware of the coincidence.

[open rant] I’ve never seen a single shred of evidence that these people – these victims – had anything to do with their daughter’s brutal murder and I would just as soon give them the benefit of the doubt rather than pile onto their suffering by accusing them of being the ones who did it., just in case…you know…they really are innocent, which we have no reason to believe is not the case. [/rant]

(The beauty pagent stuff was creepy and pervy as hell, though)

The Olympics were still going on. it was necessary to make the case appear solved to allow the visitors to return with confidence. They were trying to make it go away for business and he was handy. What makes you think ut was about justice?
The Ramseys were a logical place to start but in my opinion nothing has been proven and they are two sad people. The best turnout for them was to lose a daughter. The worst was to go to jail or spend the rest of your life blamed for it, and still lose a daughter.