Patton Oswalt : Annihilation

I loved his last hour. This one is just meh so far. I’ve watched about half of it then had to go do other things. I’m not compelled to go back but I will at some point.

I think part of it is Trump is the death of comedy. Everyone said it’s good for comedians but really I don’t want to hear about it when I want to laugh. I get enough of it the rest of my life. He did 10 minutes on it and I understand why but just kind of ruined the mood for me.

I loved 90% of this special, and when my wife came in near the end of him talking about his wife and daughter I had her sit down. She follows Patton through the celebrity gossip pages and broadcast TV appearances, so she likes him and knew about his wife and felt bad for him. She also knew that his comedy was often raunchy and avoids it for that reason. But I was all “no, this show has been very heartfelt and he’s really not gone to the graphic sex jokes at all.”

She did not like the last 10 minutes, and was mad at me.