Patton Oswalt : Annihilation

Has anyone else seen Patton’s new special on Netflix? Honestly, it made me chuckle a little, but it’s not an amazing comedy show.

Having this, the section he talks about his wife’s death is devastating and beautiful. He talks about how the day of his wife’s death was his second worst day of his life. The next day, when he told his daughter, was the worst.

“I took my daughter who was everything to me and I took everything that mattered to her. I destroyed her.”

Wow, man. It was devastating. I can’t believe he’s on his feet doing comedy.

I saw him live earlier this year, so I imagine this is pretty much the same set I saw then. I’ll check it out in a day or two.

Does this include the bit where he talks about My Little Pony? I thought that was funny and sweet as well.

I’ll probably check it out sometime this week. I added it to my list, but then I felt the urge to go kill Orcs instead.

We saw him live this summer in DC. I assume it’s the same set – it was devastating but amazingly well done.

No, but I think that may have been in his previous special.

I saw him live earlier this year and finished the special, 80% of the material in the netflix special was covered in his set.

Still good though, however he is better live.

I thought it was great. Sure, it wasn’t a laugh a minute the entire time, but that’s ok. He nailed his jokes and I knew there was going to be sad stuff. I cried, but I knew that would happen. I think about his daughter a lot. “Tell her in sunshine.” Oof. Right in the feels.

I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my list. I like Patton in general so I expect I’ll enjoy the new show. I’m curious to see how he does in finishing Michelle’s book. Talk about a heavy duty labor of love.

I heard his story about the super-drunk Casino crowd the other day on Sirius Radio. What a crack up.

Oswalt is awesome and watching his evolution has been fascinating. I haven’t seen the latest one yet but he’s always a joy to listen to.

Yeah, that was in Talking for Clapping.

I remember when he was younger him doing jokes about how he didn’t want kids, and then him parlaying that into doing jokes about how important his daughter is to him. It was nice to watch the transition. He seems like a good guy and I wish him the best in all this.

I thought I had heard the funniest thing ever when he tells the story of the magician who “hate-fucks the audience with magic”, until I heard him tell the story of him walking his dog in New York and comes across two homeless dudes (one of them is blowing the other for crack).

Rolling, side-splitting, in pain laughing!

But alas, no Netflix!

I think my all-time favorite routines of his are the one about the worst set he’s ever done, the one about Black Angus, and the one about '80s metal.

Out of this special, I think his story about the fight on the Sunset Strip at last call was the funniest, alongside his fear of the old Polish woman from the airport ruining every future holiday for his daughter.

Yes, and his newfound love of sweat pants!

My favorite story so far is his daughter being scared by a kiddie cartoon about a skeleton and thinking the Wolfman was a dog in a sweater.

I like his bit about KFC famous bowls, and his bit about death bed.

I think finest hour is his best album, but werewolves & lollipops is extremely good too.

I can’t find the link now but someone actually recreated the food he described in his Black Angus bit and ate it.

I enjoyed the special. I didn’t cry but the story about telling his daughter really was powerful.

Here you go.

“Black Angus: The doors lock from the outside, faggot!”

I saw it. I loved it. I absolutely loved the part where he said he used to have an ongoing discussion-cum-argument with his wife, where he was an agnostic, who said maybe there’s some power, and some plan we’re too puny to see, and she’d say “Nope, no plan. It’s all random chaos.”

And she won in the shittiest way possible!

Just finished watching it. As a recent widow the parts about his wife’s death really hit home to me - a “numb slog” indeed.

Also related to his daughter wanting to go to school the following Monday, as trying for a bit of normal in her life. Yeah, I get it.

Also laughed while crying about the bit in the cemetery with the “NO!” dentist-drill-Celine-Dion-My-Heart-Will-Go-On sound effects.