Paul Newman only has weeks to live

Story here

Apparently he has been released from the hospital so he can die at home


This is because I put him on my short list for DP2009.

Dunno, the article seemed rather vague–the words “may have only weeks to live” are right in the headline. And their only source seems to be the Daily Mail. I’m in the US, but as I understand that’s the one that gets bashed by the Brits every time it rears its head on the Dope. So maybe the whole thing is still rather unsubstantiated.

I finally got to see The Sting a few weeks ago and loved it, by the way. I’m a little sorry now that I grew up knowing Paul Newman as That Guy on the Salad Dressing and Popcorn.

The Sting was nothin’. Entertaining, but…meh. Go see The Hustler. Then come back and tell us what you missed. :smiley:

…or Hud or Cool Hand Luke

Or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Or Slap Shot.

I hope the reports of Newman’s impending death, like those of Patrick Swayze, are greatly exaggerated. He is a very classy man, however, and should be permitted to spend his last days in any manner he chooses.

Dead sexy.

I, too, hope these reports are exaggerated. It seems they’ve been circulating since mid-June at least. Newman is no longer a young man, but I hope he has many more years left in him. He’s a fine actor and a good guy. And, as takehomenanny’s link demonstrates, one of the most physically beautiful people ever to have lived.

A pity always to lose an icon, but otoh 83, most of it in good health, is a good run. I’d certainly settle for it, and better to go now than to waste away like Heston or Reagan or Estelle Getty.

If he does die, I hope his last words are “Oh good. For a moment there I thought we were in trouble”

They promised us Swayze only had weeks to live months ago.

Forgot to add:
Favorite scene

Sort of a poor choice of words… :wink:

Or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Or Slap Shot.

Nobody’s Fool: one of his absolute best roles.

I’m hoping that’s the case, but after all, Newman is 83 and Swayze is 40ish, IIRC.

Dammit dammit dammit. I just watched the ending of Cars today and I thought Newman must have had a ball voicing the Hudson Hornet. That, and I would assume the Pixar people were squeeing all over themselves that PAUL NEWMAN agreed to voice a cartoon!!!


You beat me to it.


I hope things work out peacefully for Paul Newman, if not for all his movies, or his glacially cool blue eyes, but perhaps for his very tasty salad dressing.

Well, that’s too damn bad, if it’s true. I know everybody has to go sometime, but Newman circa 1958 was the Platonic Ideal of Man as far as I’m concerned.