Goodbye, Butch. (Paul Newman died.)

Breaking story. Sad news to wake up to.

It’s a shame. He was not only a great actor but a great man. He lived a life of passion and vigor and even continued racing cars in his old age. His salad dressing was also good. I always get the olive oil and vinegar, and I hope the quality doesn’t change now that he’s no longer around to oversee it.

I just heard on NPR. Actually said “aww…” aloud. He seemed like a good guy. Pretty solid Hollywood marriage, too!

Those blue eyes…

May he rest in peace. I cannot imagine Joanne’s heartache right now. :frowning:

Paul & Joanne in 1957
Paul & Joanne in 2005

Is it my imagination or did the title used to say “Goodbye, Hud”?

I’m just glad he lived. Thank you for the movies and thank you for the condiments.

I could write a ten thousand word movie review about his roles and not scratch the surface. Fuck he was good.

He’s dead :frowning:

He’s going to stay dead :(:(:frowning:

Don’t believe me? Ask Warren Hudsucker.

He was such a class act. Sure, I’m going to miss him most immediately for his late-career acting (I loved his work in Nobody’s Fool, and he was also good in Empire Falls), but he was a pioneer in entrepreneurial, self-supporting philanthropy (whose camps cheered up many juvenile cancer patients) and he was married to Joanne Woodward for seemingly forever.

One lasting regret: no recent re-teaming with Robert Redford.

On edit: keep a close eye on TCM this week. Aside from the retrospective career montage, they may well scratch their scheduled programming for an impromptu Paul Newman marathon or series. They’ve done it before to honor other film icons. For sure, if it doesn’t happen this week, it’ll be the next.

He had it all. And he didn’t throw it away.

It did.

RIP, Mr. Newman.


truly a decent human being; i’m sorry to see him go but i’m glad i was on the planet at the same time he was

c ya Paul

He was great in so many movies (Butch and Sundance, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, etc.), but my favorite all-time Paul Newman role was Cool Hand Luke. Damn, he was great in that movie.

This is a really sad loss, even though he lived a long and productive life. He was one of our most iconic and charismatic actors, but he was also someone who genuinely gave something back to society. The Newman’s Own brand has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity while Newman himself never kept a penny of profit. The best thing about the brand is that the quality is consistently good. I think the salsa kicks ass.

One of the true good guys, both on and off the screen.


I looked for the earlier thread with all the nice anecdotes from Dopers who had met him over the years – I’m pretty sure the thread title was Paul Newman Near Death – but search came up empty. Maybe someone with magic fingers can find it and post the link.

Here 'tis: – CKDH

Was there recent news about Paul Newman being on death’s door? I vaguely recall something about it but can’t remember.

He was great in The Color of Money and Absence of Malice, though I never saw many of his other films.

Yes, we’ve seen it coming. He had told friends he was very sick.

Sad, still. I think I might watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid tonight. :slight_smile:


I love his early movies. He had a bubble of charisma around him. A true star.

A great man in every way. I’ve never heard a bad thing about the man.

He left us some great movies.

Thanks Paul.

Might be this one, lots of Paul Newman stories.
Celebities with the most/least class.

I really like this post by Sleeps with Butterflies.

So long Paul, you were one of the good ones.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were clients at a shop I worked in years ago. In addition to being a gifted actor and generous philanthropist, he was a genuinely nice man. He joked with us and never expected any preferential star treatment. (And devastatingly handsome)

Although the news of his passing saddens me, 83 is a lot of good years and he will live on through his truly remarkable body of work, and his charities.

(I wonder what TCM will pick for the tribute…they might have to take 2 days)

:frowning: He will be missed.