Could Paul Newman Be Dead?

I was just searching for info on his health and came across the entry below on a fan site, but couldn’t find anything else about it. Surely, if this were true, this slip of the tongue would’ve made the news. Has anyone else heard this story?
Carl Haas might have had a “slip of the tongue” today at the victory interview after the Detroit race. When asked about Paul Newman, Carl said, “I’m sure he is in Heaven, watching the race and is very happy.” That certainly sounds like Mr. Newman has died. What do you think?


How and Why could Paul’s death have been kept quiet? Unless you die at home and the family doesn’t tell anyone, it’s bound to get out to the media.

I’m calling bullshit on this one.

According to the Dead People Server,

Me, too. The website still lists him as alive at age 83.

What is the source of this report of Haas’ “slip of the tongue”?

What is this “fan site”, how connected are the administrators of the site to Haas and or Newman? Any unrelated sources quoting the “slip of the tongue”? What was the interview- surely the interviewer would be quoting it? What access did the fan site have to this interview that the general press/public did not have? Was this a video interview? Is there video of Haas making this statement?

ETA: Single Google result for search for “I’m sure he is in Heaven, watching the race and is very happy.”, Haven’t read the article yet.

I think he is battling cancer but there is absolutely no reason to hide his death.

The quote doesn’t appear in the article at all.
The quote comes from one of the COMMENTS on the article.

Cached version of the page with the quote highlighted. (Scroll down to the very end)
Nothing resembling a credible source.

Thanks, guys. I really should’ve provided a link. It seems like bs to me, as well.