Paul Rusesabangina Arrested for Terrorist Acts

I regret to say, I don’t know enough about this to comment intelligently.
But it appears this guy has made a lot of important enemies. And he has said the genocide could happen again.

Not Mundane or Pointless, but not really something for the other forums.

I’m not saying this is the fault of the United States. But US governments (well before Trump) have quite deliberately managed to shift the definition of terrorist to ‘anyone the government doesn’t like’.

The Rwandans would most likely have grabbed him on some pretext regardless, but it sure does make it easier for these shitty authoritarian regimes.

Assange? Terrorist! BLM protestors? Terrorists! Genocide hero? Terrorist.

Worst. Video game. Ever.

I’m in the same boat. And the coverage I’ve read has been low on details. Wapo had a short article today that gave me the impression the charges might be bogus, but not a very strong impression.

Killer guitar riffs, though.

Surprisingly Hollywood is not real life. I’ve seen several other accounts long before this latest news about how he wasn’t the hero that was portrayed.