Paul Ryan is "Bowhunter"

That’s his self-selected Secret Service code-name.
From the same piece:
Ryan’s wife is “Buttercup”

Romney is “Javelin”

The Obamas are fixated on the letter “R”, with Barack as Renegade, Michelle as Renaissance, and the daughters as Radiance and Rosebud.

McCain was Phoenix, and Palin was Denali.

Mine’s White Chocolate.

he did sponsor a bill that passed (one of two for him) that lowered the tax on arrows.

Mine’s “Jukeboxdon.”

All one word.

Do you think the Obamas know all the theories about Kane’s “Rosebud” and chose that anyway for their daughter?

Mine is “Ralph Furley.”

True story.

The only Buttercups that I’ve ever heard of were all cows. Hmmm…

The article linked to the OP’s link is worth reading “Paul Ryan With Dead Animals”

There’s at least one who is quite arguably not a cow.

You can pick your own? If I was him, I would have picked “MisterVicePresident”. Even if I lose, people still call me that.

Oh, but then it will sound sarcastic.

I’m confused. What’s the point of a code name if everyone knows it? Or, if in the case of Denali and Phoenix, anyone who’s ever done a crossword puzzle could figure it out immediately?

He sounds like a Rob Liefeld superhero. How many pouches is he going to be sporting on the campaign trail?

Probably because it’s easier for them to hear over a radio - they’re distinctive in sound and standardized.

Mine’s The-President’s-Been-Shot. I like to keep things lively on the Secret Service radio network.

It’s for conversations over the radio. “Razorback(Clinton’s IIRC) has decided to go for a jog.”

Why does the Secret Service even have codenames for people it protects? I mean, if they’re going to publish them, what’s the point? Why can’t they just call Michelle “Michelle,” and so on?

As you wish.

Maybe it’s that I’m so sick I’m nearly delirious, but I was giggling for five minutes over that. This needs to be an SNL sketch or something.

What if they are protecting two Michelles? Code names have the advantage of being guaranteed unique keys (since they are Secret Service assigned).

I had two in the Foreign Service: “Hammer” in Mali and “Jackal” in Uganda. Both self-chosen.