Paul Was In Saudi is Pitted

Since the title has already been changed once, is it too late to change it to “Paul was in Saudi, now is pitted” or “Paul: from Saudi to Pitted”?

Well, I’m going to have that tune stuck in my head all day, thanks for that.

Here’s the latest offering from that egregious piece of shit. I got half way through the post thinking that he actually had some humanity before it turned into thinly veiled anti-Trans hate.

All of those years living is an oppressive society have made his brain so socially and intellectually atrophied and stunted that I’m surprised that it works at all.

SDMB lol

You’re the one who made an assertion of fact. Back it up, you stupid fucking clown. Your experience is way to narrow to to give anyone advice on anything other that how to be an addle brained ass kisser in a repressive regime.


From Uvalde, Texas school shooting - the political thread :

Really? No “special interest”?

I assume there is more but I lack the enthusiasm for searching through callous and grotesque threads and user name changes to find them.


I’m confused on his feigned “not my area of special interest” as well.

I’m not confused. He’s a disingenuous sack of shit.

Yeah, but in such an obvious, easily verified way?

He’s a feeblemindedly disingenuous sack of shit.


I’m getting more and more confused with every reply of his. He has no interest in mass shootings. But he does track mass killings. How does he think most mass killings come about?

Mass peoplings. Because guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Duh.

Shouldn’t that be mass depeoplings?

People, sheeple. They’re all tasty with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

What kind of crass, Hollywood-addled psychopath would serve Chianti with fava beans and liver; a true gastronome and oenophile would clearly pair this entrée with an Amarone della Valpolicella. Even fake Italian Jordan Schlansky would know that, jeez.


Just don’t touch his Lego Millennium Falcon.

I assume you know that in the book “Silence of the Lambs”, the wine of choice was “a nice Amarone” (it was dumbed down to Chianti for the movie).

Ah, shit. Someone’s gotta go back and get a whole bag full of dimes!

Maybe Paul_is_a_Shithead has a point. There would be a smartphone ap now.

The kinda irony is that I’ve never actually seen Blazing Saddles.

I mean, I’ve probably seen the whole thing piecemeal in clips, as apparently every scene has some sort of poignant satirical commentary that becomes relevant to some topic or other, but I’ve never actually sat down and watched it beginning to end.

I should make time to do that sometime.