Paula Deen's English Pea Recipe

This really cracked me up today. It’s Paula Deen’s English Pea recipe on the Food network website. Here is the recipe:


1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
2 cans (14 1/2-ounces) English peas, drained


Melt the butter in small pot and add the peas. Cook over medium heat until peas are warm.

And the link:
The comments are hilarious! For example:

“MMMMMMM! Brings me back to my days at the orphanage.”

“Uhmmm… BRILLIANT!!! I would’ve never thought… peas and butter, together. But exceptional and I couldn’t believe how easy. This one’s a keeper. I may try and experiment more with this recipe later, but for now it’s hard enough.”

“Not since Paul Revere yelled “The British are Coming” has something English been this welcomed! Imagine, peas with butter! Those zany Brits. Thanks for the exposure to international cuisine Paula!”

“I tried tweaking the recipe a bit, just to add some pizzazz. I used 2/3 stick of butter … way too buttery. I should have trusted you Paula!!!”

"This is AMAZING! I never would have thought to heat up the peas to cook them… And who knew that butter would lend itself so well to warm peas?! Next time, I’m also going to try and add a bit of salt and pepper to see how that combination works. Crazy, but I’m gonna go for it. Thanks, Paula! "

Only 229 more comments to go!

Pfft. Paula Deen has gone all healthy, I see. Only HALF a stick of butter?

Isn’t this from like 5 years ago?

People eat canned peas? :barf:

No, the grocery stores stock them for looks, mostly. They make a nice contrast with the red of the canned beets. It’s all about aesthetics in today’s grocery shelf stocking industry.

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English peas. Pray don’t insult us so :slight_smile:

Paula Deen would put butter in Kool-Aid.

“You got Kool-Aid in my butter!”

“You got butter in my Kool-Aid!”

“…You got vomit on my floor.”

I’m disappointed. I was expecting at least some bacon.

Apparently you aren’t the only one.

Thanks for that. I’m sure that conversion will improve lots of things I cook.

1/2 stick of butter = 1 pound of bacon fat

Same for cakes?

No, it’s not a conversion. You add the pound of bacon fat in addition to the butter.

Same for cakes?

Here’s a collection of stupid Food Network recipes. Knock yourself out.

Frozen grapes is particularly amusing to me:

Also, Nutella and toast:

Note the last paragraph.

Absolutely. Simply immerse the cake in the correct amount of bacon fat and deep fry and you’re golden.

Wait. Do I put the peas in the cake or in the butter frosting?
Also, do I have to take the peas out of the can?

Don’t even laugh. I had a girlfriend who once told her brother to cook the can of pork and beans himself, she wasn’t his maid. “What? It’s too hard for you to put a fucking can of beans in a saucepan?”

Didja know that if you put a can of beans in a saucepan, the can’ll eventually spray pork and beans all over the kitchen? And no, the brother wasn’t neither retarded nor under 10 years old. He was her older brother.

She forgot the pint of heavy cream.

My brother-in-law was visiting once. He wanted to know if he could do anything to help out at lunchtime. I said, sure, why don’t you make up a box of mac & cheese for the kids?

About 15 minutes later he said, “Wait, was I supposed to drain this?”

Yeah, he’d boiled the macaroni, and then without draining the water he’d added the cheese powder, milk, and butter. It was…unctuous.

My brother-in-law was about 35 years old at the time, FTR.