Pavlovian Habaneros

So I noticed a while back that when I eat hot food, or even food with a lot of black pepper in it, I sweat profusely, but only from my head. My scalp becomes a fountain, sometimes even when my mouth isn’t even reacting! I have a friend who also reacts this way, so I figured it was fairly common.

Now tonight, I was reading about Habanero Chillies, and my scalp started to sweat- not subtly, but in torrents, just as though I were eating the things! I continued to read about other kinds of chillies on Wikipedia, and I continued to sweat. Of course when I read something else, it stopped.

Who needs Pavlov? Just call me Fido! Any other members of my pack out there in any way shape or form?

I get a buzz off those things. They hurt but in such a positive way. It’s hard to describe.