'Pawn Stars' Cory drops 192 pounds


Well, good for him. Last time I (regularly) watched Pawn Stars he wasn’t looking too good.

What got me in the article was this part:

Wait. Four years ago the surgery was too expensive for him? As a reality TV star, I expected him not to be exactly hurting for cash. And four credit cards? :eek: For me, that would be like $40,000 or $50,000. Damned expensive surgery!

Not that expensive:

And Nevada appears to be on the low end. Maybe he has shitty credit?

This article says Cory is making $300K per season. But that’s now. In 2010 it was still a relatively new show, maybe still under its original contract. After all, the entire Honey Boo Boo family had to split $50K per episode in the begining.

He owns a lot of nice vehicles. He has a wife and kid(s) too. So it’s not like he was taking all the money from the show and sitting on it waiting to get the surgery. Probably had debt to pay off too.

Good for him.