Paying the bills?

So anyways, I’m one of the unfortunate ones who are unemployed in a poor economy. I’ve found out that this month, I’ll need an extra $100 if I want to continue to have a place to live. :frowning: But it gets worse, I need to make the $100 in a week since my rent is due on the 20th… Maybe if I can make the rent I’ll find a perm. job soon and won’t have to worry. Anyways, this isn’t set out to be a SOB story. I’m really trying to think up ways I can raise the extra cash in time. But I’m out of ideas.

Sell stuff… I have nothing left to sell, at all. I’ve sold it all already. My computer is like the last thing I have of any value and there’s no way I can let it go! (Too much personal files on it).

Get a normal job… Yes, I have been trying now for a month. But there’s no one hiring in my area. Jobs are few and far between. At this point even if I did find one tomorrow I wouldn’t be paid in 2 weeks, so I’m SOL at this point.

Borrow from friends/family… Already asked & borrowed enough now it’s the end of the line on that avenue.

Steal stuff & sell it ← Someone actually had the nerve to suggest this but I’m not a thief, sorry. I only want to acquire money legally and I’d rather lose my appartment than turn criminal.

OK so basically I’m asking for some advice here. I have a computer, internet connection (Cable connect). I’m damn smart (180 IQ Tested) and a very fast learner. I can pick up almost anying right away. All I’m looking for is some honest work to make $100 or a little more. One time job is fine. Temp work is fine… Perm work maybe, depends on what it is. NO SCAM! I really don’t have time to chase down scams so please don’t try suggesting something like that.

Is there some type of work or job or anything I can do on my computer to raise some money?

Does anyone have any other ideas what I might be able to do locally to raise some cash? I live in Phoenix, AZ btw…

Anyone experienced with donating blood? Someone told me they pay you for that? But I’ve never done it so I have no idea.

Any ideas appreciated THX!!!

If it’s like in California, it’s unlikely they’d pay for blood, but places that pay for plasma are all over the place. Usually you can donate twice a week, and many places give first time doners a bonus for their second donation. A first time donor takes a brief medical exam and then goes through the normal procedure, which takes a couple of hours. They’ll weigh you to determine how much you should donate, and take a blood sample to determine if you have certain blood chemistry problems that would disqualify you. Most people dont’ have any problem. While testing your blood, they’ll do an interview, asking about certain high risk behaviors, and you’ll have to sign a form saying that you haven’t been doing anything high risk.

Once you pass, they take you to a bed that’s kinda like a contour chair, and put a large guage needle into a vein in your arm. Some blood is pumped out and seperated into plasma (the liquid part) and cells, and the cells are returned. This is repeated until you’ve donated the prescribed amount. Depending upon your weight and how much fat is in your blood, this could take as little as 30 minutes or more than an hour. When you’re done, they’ll wrap your arm and you have to leave on the bandage for a couple of hours until the anticoagulants are absorbed into your system.

You can get anywhere from $25 to $50 for your first two visits depending upon the program, and you can donate twice a week for as long as you like.

the way i’ve made money fast and gotten paid the same way was to work at a temporary agency.

just a thought.

good luck you to and keep us informed :slight_smile:

Try Pizza Delivery. Most any pizza place I see needs drivers. This would give you a check & tip money. Probably not a dream job but it would do the trick (assuming you have a car).

Perhaps you could try those door-to-door selling agencies. (Here at least) there are quite a few of them advertising in the paper every week. You basically just walk door to door selling coupons for videos stores or restaurants. Since you get paid on commission, you get the money that day.

My brother worked for one of these companies for about two years. They are basically a pyramid scheme that promises huge rewards for the people that stay on and grow and manage their own team of sellers but ultimately screw everyone. The important point is that they pay CASH everyday.

If you are not adverse to walking door to door, I would try this. While many (all?) other jobs will pay better and give better conditions, this is a “Walk in off the street, work a day, go home with CASH” type of deal. Exactly what you want.

One of the attractions to driving a taxi was that you go home with your bucks the day you made them.

Good luck.

Unfortunately I had to sell my car recently to pay off credit card bills and buy food. :frowning: But at least I still have a bus pass. I can get around but anything involving a car is out of the question.

Try a daily work, daily pay place. The jobs will be crappy, but you get paid at the end of the day, and can make $100 pretty fast.

Go to a truck rental place and ask people who are renting trucks if they need help loading it. I paid $25 each to two guys who loaded the truck I rented. It took them about an hour.

Good luck.

Cool ideas in the thread, this one sounds the best so far. Any clue how I would go about finding these daily pay places though? I’ve never seen one.

Try I don’t know much about it except a friend of mine is doing this and says it’s good extra money. NO gurarentees and, yes YMMV. Good Luck, wish I could do more.


Try the phone book. Look under Labor or Daily Labor in the yellow pages. Most them don’t even require an appointment, since they are usually very short of workers. Find one that you can get to on the bus and show up in the morning. Many also advertise int he paper with such eerily disguised headers as “Daily Work, Daily Pay!” and “Get Paid Today!”

Can you move in with friends/relatives for a while and pay them some rent? It could not cost as much as maintaining your own place. Good luck!