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I just noticed your sig: “I’m a man…but I can change…if I have to…I guess.” Do you know about this site?

Keep your stick on the ice!

Well you know Red is pretty damn handy with the duct tape but the real reason I watch is cause Harold is hotter than liquid fuck.
mmmmmm that hair, those teeth, those suspenders!

The Mermaid: How about Marty Stephens from Traders, eh? Patrick McKenna is simply amazing. Normally, he’s smooth, handsome and preppy-looking (cite), but he totally changes his face to play Harold! (Scroll down to the Gemini Award photo.)

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati

I have never seen Traders. It must not be on the schedule here. I always knew “Harold” was just a brilliant bit. Every once in a while he gets in some very clever lines that are so witty and so subtle that you don’t “get it” for a minute or two.

It’s not so much the uber-greasy hair or the way he just can’t seem to get his lips over his teeth, it’s the way he has his pants pulled up to the armpits and his posture, gait and gestures that just crack me up every time I see him.

As a side note I really like the cartoons where Harold is a beaver and Red is…uhm a rabbit maybe.

I just noticed this thread! Man, I wished this server worked faster.

Ayuh, I’m a Possum Lodge wannabe, got a roll of duct tape and everything, eh! I just wish they showed some British/Canadian comedies around here on the local public Tv stations. Whenever I go up to UT to visit the folks I always have to stay up late on Saturday nights to get my fill of Red Green, Mr. Bean, Red Dwarf, etc. I even look like Harold a little (or I used to until I got old and fat).

If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!

Mermaid: Traders was on CBC until a few years ago. I don’t know what Canadian networks do about syndication, but it was a popular show, on the level of Law and Order or ER in the States, so it might show up in syndication if anything does.

Diaz: I hear ya! Red Green seems to be a pretty good draw for the public stations, though. This year was, I think, the third time the cast hosted the annual begathon.

Anecdote: Mr. Rilch and I were once watching the Penguins play the Maple Leafs. One announcer pointed out McKenna in the stands with his son; he smiled and waved when he realized the camera was on him. That’s an endorsement, I think, when you take into account the fact that at a Maple Leafs game, most of the local celebrities are on the ice!

I adore Red Green!!

My dad and I used to talk about it all the time. It comes on Friday nights, 11:00 p.m., on PBS channel 13, here in Dallas. I watch it whenever I am home (which, unfortunately has been more and more lately).

I always schedule my yearly PBS donations during the Red Green promotions so I can get my yearly RG free gift. I use my mug all the time!

I love the segments where he creates a new gizmo or gadget…the lift up doors on the car, using a garage door opener and duct tape…the rotating, covered patio…just to name a couple.

Check me in as one gal who finds this show hilarious