Paypal help

I’m about to do some business over paypal. Some questions:

  1. The amount is 9.95 american. How much would this be in Canadian dollars? Is their any fees for paying, and how much is it?

  2. How long would something like this take to clear?

Thank you. for currency exchange conversions.

Payment is deposited immediately into your PayPal account for direct debit and CC transactions, and within 1-3 business days for an e-check. Withdrawing funds from your PayPal account to your bank account takes 3-5 days.

There’s a fee for withdrawing your funds to a non-us bank and there are various fees for receiving payments.

I did a HK payment with Paypal once. When I got my bank statement there were two charges for currency conversion. Came to about 8% of the amount. I thought that was really weird too.

Aslan , paypal has an international payment system that you can read about.